Thursday, 5 June 2008

A Kid Needs A Father, Probably.

Due to half-term and building commitments, I’ve not been online quite as much as I’d liked to have been.
But I have been flicking on and was very interested in the series of articles and blogs prompted by this news.

Looks like Parliament has been warbling on quite a bit, well what else would you expect from the custodians of our future, about the whole influence and effect of fathers on their children.

Others have taken it further and got into the whole how much does a father have to play in a child’s development.

Fathers must now also be named on birth certificates, which just sounds like more unenforceable law and I can almost see the order for extra red tape being made out.

This Alpha Mummy post, by Jennifer Howze, hits the sharp metal thing on its bonce.

Children do ideally need fathers, similarly to them ideally needing mothers.

But we don’t live in an ideal world, and I’m guessing, just guessing, that those disputing or involved in birth certificate drama are especially unlikely to be from the 2.4 children set.

Kids just need to be put first, regardless of biological parenting.

Ok, parents should take full responsibility for their offspring, but that also includes being big enough to provide the best possible environment for them, even if that is to the detriment to their own existence or participation.

Now they should make another pointless, yet well intentioned, law about that!