Monday, 16 June 2008

On Your Bike, Off Your Head.

What a way to spend Father’s Day.

I can’t decide what hurts more.

My backside, my chest, my quads, my hands, or my brain - for making such a rash and daft decision.

I’ve never really got down with whole fundraising thang.

I know a lot are spurred on to do great works for relevant charities when they lose someone close to them.

I’m not one of those people.

When asked by a very good friend of mine, and Sam’s, to do this charity bike ride. The fact that it is arranged by, and raises monies for, The British Heart foundation, was more of a small bonus than an overriding motive.

The team was called Pink Fluffy Fluffy, in honour of my late wife, and she would have loved that fact.

She probably wouldn’t have believed that I could actually complete a 54 mile bike ride. Which was probably about 60 miles in total, if you take into consideration cycling to and from the event.

I mean I’m fairly athletic and enjoy playing all sorts of sports, but generally team games, that I can massage a decent involvement in, without being super-fit or make super effort.

I’m easily bored and distracted so I generally enjoy a pastime where a lot is going on, and when there are others involved, I’m encouraged to simply, not let them down.

That got me through yesterday I suppose.

We were in a team, a team that included two of my favourite women, my sister and our great friend that arranged it all.

I both love them and loathe them today, in very unequal measure. Share/Save/Bookmark


Kori said...

You are pretty damned amazing, really. Great job; ans at some point when all of the aches and pains go away, you will feel awesome about it. Maybe. :)

Single Parent Dad said...

Why thank you Kori. The aches and pains aren't too bad now, and I did get a medal. Guess I will add it to my CV as things done, but don't think I'll be getting carried away with a great sense of achievement.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

That's a serious ride. 54-60 miles.

Even at my best I struggle on 20km and thats on the serious flatness here in Holland.

Well done.

Single Parent Dad said...

Cheers Xbox.

I've just been for another short ride, 7 miles. My car is being serviced and I needed to get to my building project.

I should have worn my medal for the trip, as I cycled so slowly people must have thought I was useless!

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