Friday, 13 June 2008

Taste Bud

As part of a calorie controlled diet, and driven by a desire to ensure my child developed a healthy appetite, I restricted his intake of all things sugary, to zilch, during his first 12 months of life.

There was also an ulterior motive in my decision making process, which I admitted later.

I didn’t want him to steal from my sweet stash as he got older.

One lesson I teach and profess to all those close to me, is, always, but always, keep your sweets in your pocket.

I’m also very proud of the letter and compensation package that Swizzles Matlow sent to me, in response to my complaint about empty packets in one of my variety packs.

Ignoring the fact that they wrote addressing a child and I was actually 23.

Add to that list my membership of The Haribo Club.

My sweet tooth library extends to ginger bread, brandy snaps and mint chocolate.

Due to genetics, or toddler I-want-what-you've-got syndrome, I can’t even enjoy a cup of tea without my ginger nuts being pilfered, and duly dunked by tiny fingers.

He even stole my battenburg cake yesterday.

But tonight I found solace. Solace in the form of an After Eight ice-cream.

After a well behaved day, and consumption of all put in front of him, I thought we both deserved a treat during a post tea-time stroll.

Max chose a Fruit Pastilles lolly.

As usual, I expected to have to swop on our walk, if I was lucky, before he'd finished his.

That call duly came, and we swopped.

However, to my immense surprise, I quickly got my excellent choice back, accompanied with words I usually hate, but, tonight, I loved them.

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Kori said...

I think it is some kind of self-defense that makes us actually enjoy treats that the kids don't like. Mine are Trader Joes Triple Ginger gingersnaps-and I don't know if I REALLY love them, or if I have just convinced myself that I so in order to keep them ALL.TO.MYSELF.

Single Parent Dad said...

They sound lovely Kori. Can you send me some? Just don't tell Max!

Dan said...

My dad usd to have his canal boat moored outside the swizzel factory. The smell was fantastic (a bit like very strong refreshers)

Single Parent Dad said...

Yummy. Stewing sugary stuff, beats the horse manure smell round here.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

It's crisps for me.

I'm a reasonable chap, but touch my crisps and I'll break fingers.

Single Parent Dad said...

I used to fight cat and dog with my sister over salt & vinegar squares. The old girl used to buy a variety pack that only had one in. However, we had a cheese and onion mountain.

Violet said...

life would be so much less guilt-ridden, if my daughter preferred apples to biscuits.

Penelope said...

That picture of pick'n'mix is making me drool!
Okay, you are so much nicer as a Dad than I am as a Mum. If my kids chose something they didn't like then tough luck! They weren't getting mine!! ;o)
I also tried for years to tell them that Minstrels tasted horrid - that didn't work!

Jeff said...

Hey Ian... just wanted to wish you a Happy Father's Day. Hope you had a great day!

Single Parent Dad said...

Violet - How true

Penelope - He did like his choice he just didn't like mine, to my absolute joy.

Jeff - Cheers. I spent Father's day cycling from London to Brighton. Isn't it supposed to be a day of rest?

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