Thursday, 5 June 2008

What Did He Say Daddy?

I love my son.

I love bath-time with my son.

I do not love having to talk to my child via inanimate toys, complete with funny voices.

Ok, I do.

This is hilarious. It’s a trait in my son I’ve found amusing for a good time.

And it’s one I’m not on my own with. I know the grandparents enjoy this particular facet too.

Sometimes, he pays so much attention to a character that I give a voice to, you can see he is absolutely lost in their world.

Oh, the mind of a child, what a wonderful thing.

Tonight it was his Power Rangers who came to life.

“I think these need a bath as well Daddy. Will you do THEIR voices?”

As it happens, while green ranger was more than happy to join my son in his bath, red ranger was less agreeable.

Max found dunking him against his will very amusing, as did I. He particularly laughed as I did my best interpretation of what an underwater and distressed Power Ranger would sound like.

The green ranger also wanted his hair, or head, washed, and wanted it done at the same time as Max. That emerald fellow has been a handy tool tonight.

It did however mean three bed-time stories tonight, one each, for child and his two chums.

But as I was doing the voices, guess what?

They chose very short books!



Dan said...

It is my view that children's books should have warning labels on the front like cigarette packets if they take longer than 4 minutes to read


Single Parent Dad said...

Now that could actually happen!

Better still, this book contains a rather dodgy morale, but your child will insist on reading it, again, and again, and again............

Tismee2 said...

Do you find that as you read a bedtime story you start to fall asleep yourself? - or is it just me?

My youngest has a whole platoon of army men in the bathroom at the moment - they are a bugger to get out the plug hole at the end though.

Single Parent Dad said...

I find myself getting into his bed to see if he'll read me stories sometimes. He never seems too keen.

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