Monday, 30 June 2008

Your Life Starts Here, Today, Or Maybe Friday.

For three years now, we’ve not had our own home.

Well, what I mean is, while we've not been living on the streets, we haven’t lived anywhere we’ve expected to be long-term.

For the last 13 months we have lived on our own in a small rented property, and we’ve called it home, but it’s been more of a base for all our activities, which included being closer to the building site, which will shortly become our new, and proper, gaff.

Our lives have changed significantly over this time.

Not least because we live in very different surroundings. Surroundings, I felt, and have proved to be, much better for our not-so-new circumstances.

We shall tweak our backdrop again later this week, as we make the short trip to our shiny new house. Permanently.

I shall miss our elderly neighbour, who has meticulously put out our bins since we’ve been here. He will be getting a crate of Boddingtons for his trouble, and from the one time I put out his recycling bin, I expect it will go down well.

It will also be more difficult to buy anything, as our much smaller village doesn’t have any shops.

But neither of these things is going to stop me looking forward to moving. Well not moving, I hate moving, but from the prospect of being in our own, pristine dwelling.

I expect it to be a tad, or totally, chaotic for a while, and there will be lots to still do and chalk off.

At the moment, it looks like the actual final fitting out works won’t be totally complete until the end of August. But the place is much more than liveable.

There's the small, yet titanic tasks of changing my address everywhere, and getting an internet connection sorted.

But all these, however annoying, are minute details against, what I hope will be a great family home and the base setting on our all-new tapestry of life, for a good long while.

Wish us luck.



Xbox4NappyRash said...

It seems symbolic as much as anything else. The start of 'the rest' for you two guys.

I'd miss that neighbour too!

The very very best of luck in your new home.

Single Parent Dad said...

Cheers Xbox.

Didn't you take any of those fantastic rubbish putting out pixies with you to Holland?

Xbox4NappyRash said...

If I was lying on the street in Holland they'd step over me, never mind take out my rubbish.

It's being liberal, apparently.

TopChamp said...

of course. Much luck to you and your family!

Penelope said...

Good luck!! Your very own house, that YOU built..fantastic!
Moving is horrid, but this move will be totaly worth it huh?

dan said...

Must be fantastic to be looking forward to a home that you have made just for you.

I'm not sure I'd be up for the organization skills required for getting it done though.

Kori said...

Yay! I don't envy you for the actual act of moving, because we all know that moving blows, but I am so happy and envious (in a good way) of your new home! It is another beginning, and one that I hope will bring lots of positives into your life.

Single Parent Dad said...

Top Champ - Thank you for your wishes.

Penelope - Thank you and I sure hope so!

Dan - It has been a very enjoyable process. And if you can plan a multiple day walking trip you could manage a self-build!

Kori - What lovely words, and I hope that you are right.

ACG said...

After reading the descriptions & seeing the photos (here & on the other blog), it is exactly what I think of when I think "English countryside village"... Amazing.

Some chickens, rabbits, and sheep in the backyard would complete the picture :-)

Keep in mind my point of reference is from BBC shows we get here like Vicar of Dibley.

Single Parent Dad said...

ACG - Funny you should say that, I was only discussing the idea of getting a few chickens with one of our new neighbours today. They were offering to feed them if we were ever away!

It is a quaint place, but not quite Dibley!

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