Friday, 25 July 2008

How Do, You Do?

Politeness costs nothing, other than time, cunningly.

Out in the sticks people seem to have courtesy down to a T. Life appears effortless for the varst [sic] majority.

Even if they have one millions kids to maintain, therefore one million and one bedrooms to clean, and things to do.

I’d always like to think that I am well mannered, in the main.

Don’t get me wrong, I do have a very mean streak, and I can do curt to a Simon Cowell standard.

But generally I can hold my own in most social circles.

I’d hoped that any offspring of mine would also be well mannered, or at least well meaning.

Junior is certainly gearing up that way, not without fault, but show me a well balance three-year old that is.

Like for example, today, he kept checking if his friends wanted a drink or a share of whatever else he was helping himself to while they were in his home.

That is good stuff in my ink pad.

Thing is, he hasn’t quite cracked the village etiquette just yet.

On our most recent walk to the village park, we were engaged by one of the wonderfully organised villagers who was grooming his hedge and washing his car, virtually simultaneously.

This was fine, my child and I kept up our end of the brief exchange, I think.

However our visit to the park was cut a tad short, as Max needed to perform the more serious of the bodies’ toilet functions.

Our brand new say-hello-to-chum was still in his front garden, and enquired of my son if he’d had a jolly good time.

“Brilliant, but now I have to poop.” Was the succinct yet still a bit-too-much-information reply.

I love my boy. As I’m sure will our local community. Share/Save/Bookmark


Kori said...

Oh, that is CLASSIC! Thanks for the good laugh; and really, if your village does not love him within a month, they are SO wrong!

Single Parent Dad said...

Kori - No worries, I thought it was worth sharing. I wish I had a picture of the guys face!

Hawkfeather said...

That is just perfect..
i sometimes wonder what life would be like if adults hung on to that honesty.

if we spoke our truths like children.
people might shower more if they were told at face value they smell bad.

We might be kinder if we heard that we were wieners at times.

from the mouths of babes.

Single Parent Dad said...

Hawkfeather - Thanks for your comment. Honesty is the best policy, it's certainly the funnier one anyway!

Xbox4NappyRash said...


I wonder, at what age or point do we stop speaking like that, what flicks the 'appropriateness' switch?

Single Parent Dad said...

Xbox - I think it's when you're old enough to wear a watch ;-)

Tismee2 said...

I think your son will be the talk of the village for the rest of the week!

and no sometimes people are never too old. I have a friend who says "I have to have a dump" at the end of every meal we go out for. She could just go to the ladies as us polite types do, but she insists on telling us why.

Single Parent Dad said...

Tismee - He he. I was a little tipsy at a wedding earlier this year, and when my mother-in-law was 'making her excuses' at the table, I asked if she was going for a shit or a piss. How I laughed.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I think you may have gotten to the root of all my issues!


Hawkfeather said...

hmm.. perhaps I should get a watch?

Single Parent Dad said...

Hawkfeather, don't do it, you know it doesn't make any sense.

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