Monday, 7 July 2008

Normal Service Refused

So, what’s everyone been up to over the last 5 days?

Forget that question.

I probably won’t get access to the interweb-thingy properly for a long piece of string to look at any replies.

Anyway, we’ve been moving, shouting at plumbers, getting colds, and generally putting more in our face holes than we can sensibly gnaw on.

Man do I still hate moving.

Even when you are moving to the most fantastic place it is still the most irritating experience this side of trying to get a new phone line and internet connection.

Max was poorly on the main moving day.

It seems whenever he gets over-excited, he then becomes vulnerable to any sort of cold.

He was really helpful in the morning. Charming the people in the van hire place, loading sofa cushions – as we lumped the sofa, but generally being a useful part of the moving malarkey.

But, by the afternoon he’d snuggled into his improvised bed and didn’t move much further.

It’s at times like this that I can’t hide away from the fact of being a single parent family.

I couldn’t really stop what I was doing and be at his side all the time, I had to get on with what I was doing and pop back to check on him, while his grandmothers, between them, filled the role of bedside nurse.

Stress, stress, stress. I hate it when he’s ill. And to be ill during a move, would be very high on the list of imaginary scenarios I would never like to happen.

Still, Calpol took down his temperature, and he really didn’t complain or get upset.

By the morning we’d moved all the big stuff we needed to, and junior was much brighter.

The settling-in process is ongoing, and the to-do list is similar.

I hope normal service, or much like our new gaff, an improved and better service, is resumed shortly.


The Dotterel said...

You're right, of course. Any sort of stress, added to a likely-looking virus, and your immune system's shot to pieces. Worse if it's not yet developed. I think I'd like to curl up on the bed and wait for the whole thing to be over, too.

Penelope said...

Moving really is horrible! Sorry Max got sick. You're probably right that all the excitment got a bit overwhelming, poor little sausage :o(
It'll be totally worth it, keep reminding yourself of that as you try to remember which box contains the bottle opener ;o)

Violet said...

It'll be nice once you're all settled in. I wonder whether he'll be too excited with his new bedroom surroundings, to sleep.

Single Parent Dad said...

Dotterel - I concur, (typing from my move-proofed safe box)

Penelope - Thanks for that. The bottle opener was never out of sight, and I made sure the wine rack was in before we were!

Violet - I hope so too. Last night was the first he went to be, and awoke, at the regular times. Long may it continue.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Faced with moving I'd take to my bed too. Or a ditch.

Penelope said...

Your words are music to my ears Sir ;o)

Single Parent Dad said...

Xbox - I've moved four times in the last three years. That's enough for a lifetime

Penelope - What, my wine rack is Neil Diamond? ;-)

Tismee2 said...

I swore I would never move again. I just couldn't face clearing out the loft.

My eldest gets sick when he's excited too. One christmas he was so excited he ended up missing it all due to throwing up at regular intervals.

Hope by now you are sorted out and on the way to being 'connected' again.

Single Parent Dad said...

Hi Tismee,

Thanks for your comment, and as you might have worked out, this means I'm back ONLINE.

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