Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Back To It

I really enjoyed this weekend.

So what if it rained akin to getting water poured on your head rather than it being evenly distributed in what is traditionally referred to as a shower.

That really didn’t matter.

And what else is the back of an Audi TT for, if you don’t use it to strip down to your pants?

What a treat for my chums.

I couldn’t have behaved any differently to my now norm, if I’d tried.

Care-free and internally saturated with alcohol, nothing about me said ‘committed father figure’.

It’s a shame really, because Girls Aloud do not look so good blurry, and it's probably not my best look either.

In my own Amy Winehouse hour I consumed more booze than I will most likely drink for the remainder of this year, and I say that knowing I have a friends 40th next week.

It was a performance I would have been proud of in my youth, rather than ashamed of and paying for in my, eeerrrr, what am I in now? Thirties.

I suppose it was only what this weekend was to be all about.

Have some time off and go a smidge wild, get the system flushed, and batteries smashed into oblivion.

Tick, tick, tick. Next.

Some of my friends likened my behaviour and mood, to that of even my pre-Samantha days.

The out-of-control period, they dislike to recall it.

Ah yes, but the Samantha years, the ones I will always treasure, have somehow travelled through time and influenced the idiot me of then.

Idiot me, would never have thought to have a baking hot lasagne on the go for the minute we returned in from our festivities.

For that Sam, and a thousand other things, I thank you. Share/Save/Bookmark


Penelope said...

Nothing like stepping out of "parenting" world and just being wild for a bit huh? Sounds like you had a FAB time! Hope the hangover wasn't too dreadful? ;o)

Kori said...

So tell me, you went out and got all liquored up and acted like an ass and yet had time and forehtought to make sure there was hot lasagna waiting for oyu when you got home? Wow. You are SO not a party dude anymore, are you! And that is a good thing. I am so glad that you were able to go and just be a guy again-even though once you are a parent you are ALWAYS a parent, it is important to remember who you were before that. Hope Max had as fun a time as you did.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I really can't do the things I did 4 or 5 years ago anymore, party-wise.

I'd be quite glad if someone taught me to have a lasagne ready upon my crawling back to normality.

dan said...

Good for you. Like Xbox I can no longer cope with my previous levels of excess. although in your honour I now resolve to drink two cans of Carlsberg in front of the telly tonight instead of my customary 1.

Single Parent Dad said...

Penelope - Indeed it is, and the hangover was very liveable without a child around.

Kori - Nail on the head hit you've.

Xbox - My guests were similarly grateful.

Dan - Myself, and Carlsberg, would like to thank you.

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