Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Milli Yang Peiyi

Girl you know it’s true, oh oh oh, China doesn’t want you.

I’ve just read this, and I must say I agree, we, or more specifically China, can’t have the Olympics ruined by a set of bucked teeth.

We must leave that to the World’s greatest heavy lifters, stick throwers and air gun operators.

I’m not a big fan of the games, I’m firmly in Frankie Boyle’s camp.

The Proclaimers look-a-like recently said, “Ironically the Olympics are only watched by people too lazy to switch the television over.”

I love sports.

Football, cricket, hockey, golf, rugby and baseball are all on my viewing, and sometimes, playing radar.

Running in a straight line doesn’t really constitute a sport to me, it’s more, running in a straight line.

Anyway I digress, back to the story.

Now there is two girls lives and personalities ruined.

One will spend a lifetime with a too ugly insecurity

And the other one will unwittingly get the pretty but fake tag.

Forgetting the problems this action causes for those involved, and for the parents who are left to deal with the consequences.

I’m not at all comfortable with a nation, committee or any adult deciding what constitutes a pretty seven year old.

That is very dodgy ground.

But I guess no one will see it that way.

Wrong, oh so wrong, on so many levels.

Sadly, it currently seems indicative of a country that appears to be making great enemies with even itself. Share/Save/Bookmark


Elfie33 said...

When I first read this, I was wondering if the sun had gotten to you...then I went back and read it again, and went to the article. Poor kid...talk about giving little girls a complex. It doesn't surprise me tho. You see stuff like that all the time.

On another note..I'm one of the ones too lazy to turn the channel, because I love the olympics. The opening ceremonies were awe inspiring. When I watch I think of my dad, he loved the games, he's in heaven now cheering from a bigger sideline.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I just read that this evening.

I had my hopes for these games, but the organisers alone have really gaffed twice now big time.

Those poor wee girls.

(Love Frankie Boyle btw, I love when he pulls that s*** eating grin when he's just been politically incorrect)

Kori said...

You know, I haven't even watched the Olympics, no tv and all, but this year I haven't even followed any of the coverage-none of it. And I keep reading different posts about it, and I am glad I haven't!

Single Parent Dad said...

Hi Elfie, yeah my Milli Vanilli (Yang Peiyi) play on words was a bit subtle. Glad someone likes to watch stick throwing and table tennis. Enjoy.

Xbox - Do you mean the fireworks malarkey? I think it's great, gives me even more reason to dislike the Olympics. P.S. I'm going to see Mr Boyle in December, think he's hilarious.

Kori, thanks for the comment and top bombing, keep it up.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

yeah the fireworks too, and there is the usual filling empty seats with paid cheerleaders!

I do enjoy him a lot now, and Tommy Tiernan, he is definitely worth a DVD rental at least.

Single Parent Dad said...

I forgot about rent-a-crowd Xbox.

Will have to give Tommy a go.

The Dotterel said...

I've had the misfortune to officiate at several school athletics events (not by choice, I must add) and the number of tiny, petty rules which mean that schoolkids who achieve their best time/throw/whatever are disqualified for walking off the track the wrong way or something equally silly put me off athletics for life. Give me a game of cricket any day (and the MCC has nothing on athletics KGB, believe me!).
PS: Yes, it's New Road!

Single Parent Dad said...

That brings back memories Dotterel. I can distincly remember kid after kid, forgetting to walk out of the long jump sand pit the right way!

Oh, and New Road, what a ground/pond.

swile67 said...

i hadn't heard this story yet- it is horrible...i thought only here in America ( meaning both Canada and the US) we did things like that:) love the flashback to milli:)

Single Parent Dad said...

Hi Swile67, I'm sure you can add Blighty to the list of image censors, but it is a ridiculous thing.

Glad you liked the Milli Vanilli throwback.

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