Monday, 18 August 2008

My Best Mate

I mentioned my best mate a few posts back.

More accurately put, he’s really my best mate I’m not related to.

My late wife quickly became my best mate, and she’s now, as she actually once predicted, been replaced by our son.

He’s my best mate.

And he knows it.

My wonderful little sister and my dad, keep him on his toes, but he’s comfortable with that, much prized, accolade.

Husbands and wives should be best chinas.

That was a principle that really worked for us.

It bears out great respect for one another, it means you can enjoy time together in all sorts of pursuits and trust is never an issue.

I’m sure she would have remained top of my friend list, regardless of how strong my bond became with my son.

Sometimes Max seems to return the favour and offers me as his best mate of choice, though I am often replaced with whoever is flavour of the moment, and that has even been known to be the bath time plastic shark.

Other times it’s definitely me, and I love those moments.

He copies everything I do, we have to have the same things, only I’m allowed to share, we’re on the same team and it’s even preferable that our clothes match.

People often refer to us as similar, especially since I’ve been reducing my hair cut frequency.

Max has even referred to it.

“We have the same hair, don’t we daddy?”

“We do if you say so son.”

He’s adorable when he’s in this mode, it almost brings me to tears.

And long may it do so.

I hope I can keep, what is sure to be a much greater honour, of being one of his best chums.


The Dotterel said...

Sally always asks 'are you my friend?' which I find puzzling. I tell her I'm her daddy and I love her, but she says 'yes, but are you my friend as well?' And I tell her that I am, of course.

Eddie 2-Sox said...

You are spot on with this post. I consider Sam to be my best friend too. Obviously there are boundaries that need to be kept, but that's common sense.

Sadly, Sam's mum told me recently, when she was going off on one of her anti-me rants "You're his father NOT his friend". I'm BOTH, and extremely comfortable with that. I never bothered asking if she considered that Sam was not a friend to her.

So, go for it. The dad/son/friend bond IS incrdeible, I love and cherish it, and it sounds like you do too.

Kori said...

There is such a fine line between being parent and friend-and my take is that you enjoy being best chums with him now, because in a few short years you will have to become PARENT as opposed to friend. I ma lucky-my daughter and I were best pals, then I had to step in and be the Mean, Strict Parent, and over time we have become friends again-because she knows that when I put my foot down, it means business, because I love her. Such a sweet time, isn't it? I love ages 3-4.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I knew I was right to skip over this when I was at work.

Got me again. Bloody hell I'm hormonal.

Crash Course Widow said...

I like what you said about Sam. I agree--Charley definitely still would have been my best bud, if he hadn't died. And honestly, I don't think Anna and I would be as close as we are now if he hadn't died. I loved her to pieces even before he died and couldn't get enough of her (and she was definitely more Mommy's Girl than Daddy's), but I would have been working if he hadn't died, and I'd never have gotten to stay home with her full-time. Not to mention that she would have had a sibling to split the attention and devotion if Charley hadn't died.

But yeah, I get what you're saying. She's my best bud these past 3 years, and I'm the apple of her eye.

Thank god we had 'em, eh? And that we could stay home with them. I'd still trade it all to have Charley alive, but fortunately (I guess??) we don't get to play that make-believe game, and we can especially treasure our times with Max and Anna....

(And sorry if this comment is posted twice; it seemed to lock up the first time so didn't know if it actually posted....)

auntiegwen said...

I am definitely my children's mate and also their mates mate too.

My 13 year old son recently told me that I was his favourite person in the whole world, and that is really a huge accolade from a teenager, honest

Penelope said...

Just gorgeous. It's such a precious time at that age when you get to be the most important person in the whole-wide-world! Now my children are teens I'm "quite" important, I think, maybe...eeeek! *sob*

Single Parent Dad said...

Dotterel - I agree

Eddie - I agree with you too, as always parenting is about balance and consistency.

Kori - Don't get me wrong I can get proper bad-ass when I need to, but I hope there's always time to be buds.

Xbox - Thanks for your comments. I must stop touching you.

Crash Course - Are we the same person? I, quite literally, couldn't have put it better myself.

Auntie Gwen - That does sound a fantastic achievement.

Penelope - It is a brilliant age. I'll let you know if I ever crack time travel

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