Thursday, 28 August 2008

The Wanderer Returns

Or should that be wanderers?

The head-count is back at two for this gaff, and boy does that feel good.

Our respective, break, break-together, break sequence has done us both the world of good.

I enjoyed the time on my own, apart from maybe one night, but at least that night got me thinking, and I may have perversely ending up doing the right thing on it, which was not a lot.

My child has had a wonderful time and has enjoyed getting up to all sorts of things, which I’ve had to listen to reports of from him, backed up by my parents’ versions.

Sounds like he’s behaved pretty well too, although I do not expect his behaviour to now be at its best, it never is after breaks away - irrespective of who is in control – great timing for our first visit from our new health visitor tomorrow.

Oh well.

Back to my main point, Max’s return was just like a movie scene.

A National Lampoons’ movie scene that is!

I met with him and my parents at a nearby caravan sales site, which was virtually on their route to mine.

My folks are looking at a new caravan for next season, and wanted my input – more fool them – and they were in murdering-multiple-birds-with-one-brick mode.

This place was quite vast, as it has to be to house a good few touring vans, campers and statics, and I arrived in front of them, my parents that is, not the holiday homes.

They’d given me their shortlist beforehand so I went and had a quick look at the models they are deliberating over before they arrived.

I then decided to find the toilet, as I could do with it, and I knew junior would need to go after a decent car journey.

Parent instinct.

On my way I caught sight of my mini-colossus entering the giant hanger type building that showcased all the towing caravans.

He quickly caught my gaze too.

Then with beautiful symmetry we picked up speed and made for each other with our arms open wide.

It was a real slo-mo moment, without slo-mo and the obligatory power balled, though I do think I heard a call for ‘Keith’ to come to reception, so we didn’t do it against a backdrop of total silence.

To avoid a nasty collision, I picked him off the ground, instantly reminding myself that he now weighs a tonne, kissed him and squeezed as hard as I could, well not that hard, but rib cage compressing all the same.

He reciprocated, and then it started.

“We’ve been bowling daddy,” he joyfully informed me.

“I won, I had to use an orange ball, nanny had a green and granddad, granddad had a RED one!” He exclaimed.

And it didn’t stop much before he passed out for bed.

He was like a talking bottle of pop.

And I was like a stuck record.

Skipping between;

‘Calm down’


‘Oh, I have missed you’

Things are returning back to normal now, well, our normal anyway.

And nursery resumes next week, so that really will be a dose of normality, not that normality is a bad thing.

I’m actually looking forward to it.

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Kori said...

Whew, I thought for a mere second that you were going to tell us that he really wasn't running toward you, but toward a bathroom, and you stopped him and he pissed all over you. I was laughing in anticipation of that ending, actually, but then you got me with the slo-mo image...sigh, how sweet! I am so glad to hear that the break(s) did you both so much good; the return to your normal is never easy, and somehow having a break gives you the energy to face it. Yay for you guys!

Tismee2 said...

straight from a movie! I love nosing around caravans almost as much as showhomes.
I always miss my boys when they are away but still look forward to a break.

Eddie 2-Sox said...

"without slo-mo and the obligatory power balled, though I do think I heard a call for ‘Keith’ to come to reception, so we didn’t do against a backdrop of total silence"

Bloody brilliant line, I am jealous, and may steal, disguise, then use it myself.

With the author's permission, etc.

The whole "end of summer holidays" feeling both sucks big-time and is a slight relief no?

Single Parent Dad said...

Kori - Now that would have been a 'poons' movie. I agree with the rest, quite literally, thank you.

Tismee - I'm not a great fan, I think my folks value my no-nonsense pragmatic approach.

Single Parent Dad said...

Cheers Eddie - Apart from the poor preposition of course. Fact, or very near fact, is often more hilarious than fiction.

Penelope said...

I loved this. My kids were exactly the same after their break away with their Dad. They both yelled at me in stereo for hours from the second they wakled into the house! Only now it's interjected with "No! Let me tell her!" and "No! That's not what happened - I'll tell it!" All good fun though :o)

The Houser's said...

Had to laugh at the "talking bottle of pop". That is soo my children - all the time!! Good look with the return to nursery next week.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I love the talking bottle of pop too.

Can just imagine his excitment filling you in on everything.

The Dotterel said...

And the pop is usuallly stuffed full of e-numbers. Did he continue the monologue once he's gone to sleep as well?!

Single Parent Dad said...

Penelope - Two them going at it, wow, all good stuff.

The Housers & Xbox - I'm glad you liked my bottle of pop

And Dotterel he did manage to stay reasonably quite during the night!

Sarah said...

My son just recently came back from a week away, and he was very much like a talking bottle of cute.
On and on and on.....until bed. And then started up the next morning as well. I missed him terribly, so I didn't mind hearing all the repeated stories though.

Roads said...

Well done, Ian, and it's good to see the team is reassembled.

Summer is a tricky task for any single parent, and you seemed to strike a balance of recovery time for both of you.

Back to nursery next week? Oh, the joys of finding a routine again...

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