Tuesday, 26 August 2008

What To Do With Oneself

So after a few rain-soaked yet fun filled days out by the coast, my trip has been prematurely ended for a bit of pleasure and pain.

I had a mate’s 40th birthday bash to attend at the weekend, and then I have some deliveries and workmen to organise at our nearing-completion self-build.

As I sit here nursing another saw head, bellowing timely instructions to two ever-so pleasant carpenters, I’m not sure which one of these events was supposed to be pleasurable.

I say my trip was cut short, as my son is still enjoying his.

He’s been ten-pin bowling, I would have enjoyed that.

I may go myself tonight, if I was popular.

As this is a more impromptu parting of father and son, I’m actually a tad puzzled as what to do with myself.

I’m busied in the day with a few writing and telephoning tasks, there’s the aforementioned barking at workmen, and the organising of last few days’ entertainment of the school holidays.

But what of tonight?

A Tuesday, which as I recall, is usually cheap day at the cinema. I may take in the new Batman, but I’m not sure if I can be arsed to source company or go it alone.

It is at somewhat infrequent times like this that I recall I’m actually a single man, which means you have to make an effort if you aren’t content with your own company.

I may have a wander to the village pub for a tipple and a natter with anyone looking long enough my way.

Then there’s the doing-not-very-much option that is actually doing a great deal.

And, as in any household, ironing awaits.

As I’m sure it will still be tomorrow A.M.

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The Houser's said...

I know one thing I wouldn't do - Don't spend the evening ironing, i'd rather go bowling by myself.. Wrinkled is good;)

Single Parent Dad said...

Hi the houser's. I can, bar a new OCD, guarantee that ironing won't be the activity of choice tonight. Thanks for your comment.

Kori said...

Bah. Forget ironing. It it a waste of time and enrgy anyway. But I don't know, I still have a hard time going places alone; not because I am afraid to be laone, I relish what little solitude I get, but because it is a forceable reminder of all that I DON'T have in my life, and I am pretty emotionally not okay lately without adding that to the mix. So-hope you go/went blowing or to the movies or something, because then I can live vicariously through you.

Single Parent Dad said...

Kori - Ironing is postponed. I know what you mean, I'm not as confident as I might sound. But I do have another part of me that fights very hard against my natural urges, or lack of them.

Penelope said...

It's very easy to slide into the "doing not very much" option, isn't it? I've been doing rather too much of that lately, hence getting up off my arse and making a few changes, starting with tonight's badminton game, (I'm going to be in agony tomorrow!).

Xbox4NappyRash said...

The pub, the tipple and the natter gets my vote.

Single Parent Dad said...

Penelope - It is the easier option, but I do have a nagging tendancy to go against that.

Xbox - I await a curry, then I'm contemplating a shower and a stroll, to the pub obviously ;-)

Dan said...

I'd have gone for Batman myself. But I'm a bit of a Batman freak.

I spent this evening in the supermarket, that's how exciting my life is.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I spent this evening reading about you not going to batman and Dan going to the supermarket.

That's excitement...

Single Parent Dad said...

I added a living tag to this post, tragically, I think I need to remove it.

swile67 said...

Due to the time difference, your evening has passed and you are deep in sleep or maybe you are still in that pub "tippleing" with the locals...I do hope you had a good evening whatever you chose! Going it solo to the movies or dinner isn't so bad!

Crash Course Widow said...

I relish the time I *know* I'm going to have away from Anna and have no problems filling it (not usually with anything exciting or even social; I seem to kill a lot of time on my computer these days, between writing and reading other blogs =)), but it's the impromptu ones that tend to make me a little off-kilter. I, too, can't always quite figure out what to do with myself those days. Lately I've been having those irritating at-ends moments on Friday nights, which annoys the hell out of me; usually Anna and I would spend it at my sister's til around midnight, but the past 2 weeks we've been home, alone, much, much earlier. And then I don't know what to do with myself, and I'm also reminded I'm a single girl and that (in another dimension) I should be out having fun on a Friday night. Except I'm not, on any dimension. It's even more irritating because it's been a really, REALLY long time since weekend nights have bothered me. But what can you do?

Here's raising a pint of something (I have no idea what counts as a decent beer in England =)) to you in virtual commiseration, on all fronts.

Your Britishisms crack me up, by the way. I have to look some of them up sometimes, so thanks for the linked translations for us (um, THIS) clueless Yank. =)

Cheers. [Clink.]

Working mum said...

Hi, I'm back and catching up on my blog reading.

I know I'm too late now, but Tuesday night is for watching "Maestro", waving your arms around like a mad professor pretending to conduct the orchestra and then criticising the celebrities' conducting. I'm finding it great fun! When are they going to get rid of Jane Asher?

Putz said...

back from nappy and glad you are doing the most important thing in the whle world RASING A BOY...hope thart nappy can do it soooooon.you look interesting and you are english, and i love my english...org, from salford..

Single Parent Dad said...

Swile67 - I passed on the ironing, but, while I don't mind the cinema on my own in the day, I didn't fancy it last night

CCW - You hit it again. It is the impromptu nature that throws me. When Max is elsewhere because of something I'm doing it's easy, but I suppose as he gets older there will be more times that he gets out-of-the-blue offers.

Thanks for the beer, I'm cracking a Boddys open for you tonight.

I'm glad I make someone laugh, and clueless is not a word that I would choose to describe you

Working Mum - I thought you'd completely lost it, until I Googled Maestro. I was picturing Jane Asher driving one of these bad-boys.

Putz - Cool..........I think. Cheers for the comment, I'm just going to spend a while working it out.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I see you've met my buddy Putz...

He's housetrained, and a very decent chap, when you get to figure him out!

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