Monday, 22 September 2008

Alright Sweetheart

It is cute to have nicknames for your children, and I like hearing others call their offspring by their own charming monikers.

Sausage, seems quite popular, I’ve even used a derivative myself for the boy who eats more tubed-pig than the dog employed by Walls.

That particular pet name seems to be unisex, I’ve heard it successfully applied to both little boys and girls.

Moms and dads seem to apply stereotypical varieties.

I’m not sure I’ve heard many ‘mommy’s little princess’ or ‘daddy’s little soldier’.

Except in our house.

I don’t know if I’m more comfortable with less masculine titles, or if I’m subconsciously trying to be a female substitute.

Perhaps it just comes more naturally to you, whatever your sex, if you are the primary or only carer.

Nature and nurture.

I often refer to my son as sweetheart, and I did used to notice others cringing a tad, now, while I’m sure they still do, I don’t even notice.

I’m very comfortable with it, and use it when he needs a little tender loving care, the softly-softly approach, or when he’s been kind to others.

Don’t get me wrong, I do use donkey-head and monkey-chops too.

And some stuff sterner than that if necessary.

But I suppose if I’m going to make people uncomfortable with terminology, there isn’t a finer way. Share/Save/Bookmark


Eddie 2-Sox said...

Dude, you call little un whatever you want - while you can. For me Sam is still Sammy Hammer 2-Sox, usually shortened to Sampants. Reason being the resemblance to MC Hammer's trousers in his "Can't Touch This" days.

Sam doesn't object, yet. I don't use it often. But I sincerely hope that it will grow into a codeword between the two of us as Sam gets older.

Nicknames....go for it.

Dan said...

I use pet name interchangeably with my two. I say sweetheart and sweetpea quite a lot. Other favorites are Bannana Bonce and Noggin Sploggin

The Grocer said...

My invented names that I use in the blog have begun to migrate into family life so we often refer to Stumpy as Stumpy and so on which in the company of others might appear a little odd.

Mama Nabi said...

You know, I say you call him whatever you feel expresses your love for him. I call mine "Big Belly", "Scout", "Stinky Feet", "kkoma" (Korean one for little one)... and I even call her "Duuuude" once in a while.

I think her dad calls her "sweetypie" and that's it. She certainly loves all my names for her; I'm sure yours does as well.

Kori said...

I love it when a guy can say such things unselfconsciously; I intercahange ALL nickanames or endearments between all the kids, and you know, they still love it. You are a good dad; who give a rip if the others cringe.

Penelope said...

I always call my children sweetheart or darling, despite one of them being a good 5 inches taller than me and the other being almost my height. My daughter gets called "Madam" fairly often recently. *sigh*
Don't forget that this will work in reverse as he gets older. I get called "Mother" or "Mumaaa" or "Mama" depending on their moods too ;o)

The Dotterel said...

I call my daughter 'darling' all the time; so much so that I even started using it with kids at school without realising. Very embarrassing (for them) at an all-boys school!

Single Parent Dad said...

Eddie - Mc Hammer monikers, I like it.

Dan - I do use sweetpea everso occasionally, but that was a name me and Sam used to use.

The Grocer - The virtually world invading the real one. Have you see iRobot?

Cheers Mama Nabi - I will do, but I can't see me using any Korean

Kori - Exactly and thanks for your comment.

Penelope - I know, but I'm currently stink face, how lovely it is to come up with their own names.

The Dotterel - That's funny. I'd love to see the lads squirming with that.

dadshouse said...

My son is 12, so I get to call him "Homes" and "Dawg" and "Dude". Sometimes my daughter calls me Dude, which I find truly funny. I call her "Beautiful", or "Smarty pants", depending on the occasion. Of course, if I really want their attention, I use the full and proper name. You know it's serious if the nicknames have flown out the window.

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