Sunday, 7 September 2008

Are You Having A Laugh? We Are

Apparently a sense of humour is learnt not genetic.

But surely if it is something you learn, most likely from those closest to you, then clearly it is genetic by osmosis, or default, to be more correct.

All I can say to that, is my folks must have been right perverse sickos during my formative years.

I laugh at a lot of things, finding humour in most stuff, that in turn make situations infinitely more manageable.

Making light of stuff is the future, the present, and most of my past.

I hope I’m instilling a sense of humour in my child, I deeply suspect I am, and a vicious one at that.

We laugh a lot.

A lot, a lot, a lot.

He actually already has a bit of a stand-up routine;

What do the donkeys on Blackpool beach get for lunch???


Two Monkeys in a bath………….

You get his drift.

He makes me laugh, with just the way he is.

The answers he gives and the phrases he picks up from others.

When his grandmother asked about the football match I took him to yesterday, he replied “dreadful, dreadful grandma” much as his granddad had been spouting since our early exit of said non-spectacle.

His trademark ‘oh-bother’ brings a smile and laugh to most faces, not least of all when he watched the hero from The Snowman melt for the first time.

It’s all in the timing.

I’m not predicting a future on the stage, most kids, certainly of his age, are hilarious, most hilarious to their own parents.

I don’t think that would be a great future anyway, a lot of comedians seem to have a dark and moody existence when they aren’t on the well-lit raised platform.

I just want him to get through life with a whacking-great-big-smile on his face.

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The Dotterel said...

And the things they don't intend are often the funniest! Can't wait for Charlie to pick up the baton from his sister.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Loved the football comment.

Setting himself up for a lifetime of supporting the three lions...

dadshouse said...

I pride myself in helping my kids have a great sense of humor. Sometimes dorky, sometimes silly, sometimes clever. Oh, and don't forget the fart jokes. (Boys will be boys, even when we're old men)

Single Parent Dad said...

Too right dotterel. Being funny unintentionally is the best, and as it happens the only way I manage it!

Xbox - How very true, sad, but true.

Dadshouse - Absolutely. I love the fart noise - was that you - routine.

Kori said...

Black humor? All of us-the three older ones and myself-thrive on it. Because without a sense of humor, even as sick as ours are, life would be a total bust. And my kids are really funny on a normal day. My 9 year old? I actually DO see him onstage in the future. He will be the funniest, most engaging cross-dresser the world has ever seen, and I can't wait.

underthebigbluesky said...

Laughter, got to love it.

Just found you today.

At least you have a funny one.

My girls favorite joke:

Q. Why did the crayon cross the road?

A. Because it was being chased by wax.

Hysterical laughter, she's seven.

Single Parent Dad said...

Not Funny? It made me giggle underthebigbluesky. Glad you found my blog and thanks for leaving a comment. I hope you hang around.

cathouse teri said...

Cool place! I'm happily cruising through your posts and thinking ~ how have I not been here? Or have I?

ANYWAY, you are right. Sense of humor (er... humour) is invaluable.

Single Parent Dad said...

Thanks for discovering my blog Teri, and for your nice comment.

Fingers crossed you continue to enjoy my 'stuff'

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