Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Damaged Goods

No not me.

I’m not broken, just scarred.

And we all know scars are cool.

But my boy, he of frequent physical blemish acquisition.

You know how I banged-on about walking to school, or nursery, and how important it is, and how everyone should do it?


We’ve been taking it up a few notches.

Over the summer, I’d thought investment in a scooter may be a good idea.

The thinking being it would encourage my child to use his own steam to get to the school gates, and it wouldn’t be as cumbersome as a push-bike for me to carry home.

I’m full of great ideas, me.

It has worked a treat.

We haven’t used it everyday, I do like to mix it up, and it just adds fresh breath to a non-inconsiderable walk for someone with only very short legs.

Today was a scooter day.

Did I mention that the deck flashes?

But only in the dark if my son asks.

Max has quickly become proficient in the art of scooting. He has actually been getting quicker and more confident, and it has cut the journey down by a couple of minutes.

Good for when we are a few late.

However today I think that confidence got too high, as did his speed.

This, in turn, meant he had a bit of a bang on the trek round today.

He sort-of realised he was going too fast and attempted to stop.

In fact his braking distance was actually minimised by a neighbour’s hedge.

When I realised he wasn’t really hurt, I made light of it, took the mickey, and offered him his scooter back.

Fair play to him, because he just got back on it, a bit gingerly at first, but he was soon back upto speed, if not quite the top speed of a few moments previous.

We arrived at nursery, and I noticed he had a little scratch under his eye, so did the nursery leader.

Now, there are only a maximum of 15 kids at the nursery at any one time, and Wednesday is one of the quieter days.

I, or we actually, explained what had happened, and Max confirmed that he was A-OK.

This wasn’t enough for the nursery.

I had to sign a sort-of affidavit that confirmed my son’s injury was incurred during my care, and not in the nursery’s.

I said it was totally unnecessary, based on the fact I’d verbally made a disclosure in front of at least three staff, and countless other parents.

And it was a scratch, a little one at that.

This ambulance chasing attitude gets on my wick.

Trees are chopped down to record this rubbish.

What a waste of everyone’s time.

In the end I did sign the form, as I could see the staff weren’t going to be comfortable if I didn’t and I wasn’t in the mood for a one-man crusade.

But I do think my attitude at least got them thinking, and I hope thinking along my lines.

Though I fear it much more likely that there will eventually be physical inspections of children prior to admission.

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WonderMom said...

Wow...that's crazy! Between my 4 year old and my 2 year old I get "boo-boo reports" almost daily from the school. Of course, my two are 100% boy and apparently inherited their mommy's grace so they get just as many "war wounds" at home as they do at school. I usually try to point out anything worrisome to the staff when I drop them off just so that they won't wonder if it happened in their care but my goodness, if I had to sign a release every time I sent one of the kids to school with a boo-boo...I don't know what I'd do. It would be just about every day! Crazy times, these!

Violet said...

Maybe they've been stung before by unobservant parents. My kid got bit once at daycare, but it wouldn't have occurred to me to actually blame it on the teachers.

Dan said...

Violet - unless it was one of the teachers doing the biting.

I don't object to injury forms if the kid hurts themselves at school, but signing one for something he did on his own time seems a bit much.

Penelope said...

Oh don't get me started! This bollocks is getting out of hand!
*deep breath*

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Penelope! that's an awful thing to call Ian!...

I jest. honest.

All boils down to the spirit versus the letter of the law.

The Grocer said...

No, I think it all boils down to too many people not accepting responsibility for their own actions and looking to blame. That's how we got to we're we are. I'm right with SPD its all out of hand and more people need to stand up and say hey this is unacceptable.

Loops said...

My son's high school called me at work cos he had a pain in his ribs - which, she pointed out, he had told me about in the morning. Do they seriously expect me to keep him off school cos he has a pain in his ribs. Made me feel like shit

T said...

That is sad. Especially when you're his father!!! Its not like you were handing him off to another parent!!

Wow. I guess everyone's afraid of being sued these days..

dadshouse said...

That reminds me of the movie Kramer vs. Kramer, with Dustin Hoffman. If you haven't seen it, I won't give it away. But if you have seen it, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Love your reaction to his mishap - if he's okay, make light of it. I do the same!

harassedmomsramblings said...

Gosh I have never heard of that!!

Our school notes every mark they get there and we have to sign when we collect them! And I mean they note EVERY single scratch and bump the kid gets while there!

I would have probably charged forward on my one-woman crusade to be honest!

Single Parent Dad said...

I agree wondermom - crazy times

Violet - I doubt it, it's a small nursery, that hasn't been running that long. I think they've just gone a bit red-tape happy.

Dan - He He, you beat me to the gag, as always.

Penelope - Get started, more people need to.

Xbox - I like Penelope's little pet names for me!!

The Grocer - Amen.

Loops - Was that the diagnosis, a pain? Teachers and schools can be so righteous, yet so wrong.

T - Sadly, I guess they are. Perhaps I should sue,they bullied me into signing the disclaimer.

Dadshouse - Kids can react to your reactions don't they? If I make a big deal, it becomes one.

Harassedmom - Fair play, do you ever feel like trying to sneak a remote scratch passed them?

swile67 said...

as an EA in an elementary school, we have to record the bumps and bruises to basically protect us from the crazy parents that spoil it for the "normal" parents like you is crazy how things have gotten in our society..ugh...

Ms. Single Mama said...

Yes, bollocks, as you say.

It's funny because Benjamin always gets bruised up at day care - well, not always - but he has quite a few little toddler boys his age and they get rowdy. Boo boos happen, often.

Just tonight he dove down the slide at the park and decided to go stomach first - smacked his face and was bleeding all over the place.

He bumps himself bloody at least once a week. Just goes with the territory.

Nice choice with the scooter and a fantastic post!

Working mum said...

We love scooters too!

My daredevil daughter got so many scratches and bruises in my care, I was worried that nursery would call Social Services. Mad world!

Tismee2 said...

Aarrggh. Makes my blood boil.

So are we supposed to check them before we leave the house, when we get there and again when we pick them up just incase we miss a tiny bruise or something? Idiots.

I had an inward grumble a few months back because Alexander had to be picked up from school because he felt sick. He was sick once back at home but it was because he'd eaten something at school that disagreed with him. he was fine afterwards and all through the night. I was then told that he had to have 2 days off school because he'd been sick! Like I can take holidays at the drop of a hat.

What pee's me off most though - now you've got me riled up, is this making you feel like you are epriving your child of their education because you want to take them out of school for holidays.

Now please tell me how holidays are any worse than all the teacher training days or days off because they use the school as a polling station?

Of course when they are doing exams it's a different story. But at primary school?

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I'm just laughing at Tismee's rant, imagining her wee Geordie accented voice getting higher and higher....

Tismee2 said...

Ah ha but Xbox, you obviously haven't read ALL my blog because if you had you would know that I'm actually a Lancashire Lass and I have a strange kind of accent not that 'fishwife' thing I assume you are insinuating.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I have read your Lancashire references but I'm ignorant, uneducated, and generally not so bright, so for me, that could still have meant a geordie accent....

Penelope said...

*Blushing* I wasn't really calling Ian "bollocks" but it's starting to grow on me ;o)

Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

Hi there SPD. Just visiting from, actually I can't remember, but having a good read of your stuff. Hope you don't mind!
Sheesh, this health and safety nonsense sets my hackles up. If he shows up at nursery with a temporary tattoo do you have a sign a disclosure to say you put it on at home and that they didn't inflict it on him in class?

Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

oops hit send before I said: great blog by the way!

Single Parent Dad said...

Swile67 - We should be protecting the normals not the other way round!

Ms Single Mama - Cheers for your comment. Boo boos do indeed happen!

Working Mum - It's my greatest fear too.

Tismee2 - One of Max's chums was sent home from school last week, as he was bit pale. He just needed sitting on the loo.

Penelope - Nice one.

Hi Tara - Welcome to my blog, I'm glad you found your way here, the more the merrier.

Marnie said...

Good post.

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