Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Sneaky Snitch

Of the many different pseudonyms I use to address my son - sausage boy, monkey chops, donkey head - I think he likes sneaky snitch the most.

It also is one I’m using increasingly as his sneaking ability seems to be growing proportionally to his years.

Kids are cute, and by that, I don’t mean to look at, I mean in an incredible ingrained way of being able to get things past you, or working situations to their advantage.

As a parent I’m aware that I need to have my bluffing radar well tuned, and that from time-to-time I’m going to lose and get it wrong, and that I shouldn’t get too upset about it.

While a child may get one over on you, the bigger picture is that skill, well honed, will be of great advantage to them in the big wide world.

My radar is currently on full alert, as the holiday period and the being in the recent care of others who may choose to turn their particular radar off, has perhaps meant he’s got away with more than is usual, and now allowable in operation raise a well-rounded individual.

As mentioned above, I don’t want to rid him of this, I’d actually prefer him to improve his ability to do so.

It will be great for both of us when he can make fruitful calls and claims to customer services departments that I so hate.

But that said, you know the day is going to be a battle, when Max's first words are

“I’ve been a good boy haven’t I daddy?”

Guess what comes after my confirmation?

One of my favourite sneaks he does, which I may have alluded to yesterday, is when he light-foots his way into my bed when I’m elsewhere.

He actually did that for the first time when we were staying with friends. I’d bought an inflatable kids bed, as he was at the too-big-for-a-cot, yet too-small-for-a-proper-bed stage.

This was laid out right next to the bed temporarily allocated to me for the duration of our stay.

After I’d read a couple of bed-time stories, as is the norm at home, I was pleasantly surprised that he said good night and turned over for sleep.

I returned to my friends, who were also impressed that my child had settled straight away and without any fuss.

The smugness was somewhat subsided when one of my friends coupled a toilet break with a check on my child. He came back to inform me that I had a bed guest.

Sneaky snitch indeed.

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The Dotterel said...

Oh yes, and they need to be (cute, that is - in both senses of the word)!

Auggie said...

Without the ever-so-sneaky slip into your bed while you are sleeping or, in your case, before you are even there, would it be any fun? I just wrote about this when my daughter did this very thing to me the other morning. Love to see there are other single dads blogging too!

Tismee2 said...

Wait until he is older and doing the same sneaky things you did as a child. My eldest used to be amazed when I caught him out. I just told he he would have to be pretty good to beat me in the sneaky stakes!
Bet you enjoyed the cuddles too.

Single Parent Dad said...

I agree Dotterel, I hope I'm nurturing both sides.

Welcome Auggie, and thanks for your comment. Please hang around.

Tismee, what makes you think I wasn't an angel?

Penelope said...

Ha this did make me laugh. Bluffing radar indeed! Been there, done that, got the fridge magnet, and a 12 year old girl who would still sleep in my bed if she could get away with it! (Because it's sooooooo comfy!)

Xbox4NappyRash said...

A cute hoor as it's known back home!

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