Thursday, 4 September 2008

Tired And Un-Emotional

I’ve suddenly got very tired this week.

It is the first week back at nursery, which I suppose means the first week that we are actually against the clock.

Whether I need it or not, the alarm is set on my mobile phone to make sure we both get to the nursery door, washed, watered, fed and ready for what the day will bring, on time.

Funny how tired you get when you get up to the tune of an alarm, rather than getting up naturally at virtually the same time of the day.

Mornings are a little more squeezed.

Milk for Max – Shower for me

Breakfast for Max – Remains for me

Max gets dressed – I assist

Max busies himself – I pack his bag, and do any ad-hoc stuff

Then we set off on our walk, which should take five, but actually takes about 15 minutes.

Evenings have been back to a regimented routine as well this week, so Max wasn’t tired at nursery.

I took the added action of bringing everything forward 30 minutes.

Bath, and bed times have been earlier.

And it seems to have worked, for him.

I’m knackered.

He’s only been back at nursery two days.

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Kori said...

Oh, man. Is the half hour earlier bedtime working out? Because I know that O. is considerably younger than Max, but we are having a hard time wit hteh back-to-school routine-and he doesn't even go to school. He i wasking up in the middle of the night and I have been reading that this is actually a sign of lack of sleep-but am daunted by the prospect of an even earlier bedtime. I digress; glad to know that Max is adjusting, hope it gets easier for oyu soon...give it another 15 years, ha ha.

Single Parent Dad said...

It is working Kori. Strangely he seems less reluctant to go to bed, and is still sleeping to a decent hour and, thus, hasn't been tired at nursery.

I'd give it a go. I remember a time that Max wasn't sleeping long enough and was grumpy. When someone suggested an earlier bed-time, I thought they were mad. I'd assumed he'd just get up even earlier. He didn't and it worked.

Penelope said...

We go back to school/work tomorrow and so will be ruled by the clock once again. (I hate it!) I've been getting the Lil P's to bed a little earlier all week in the hope that Master P will be able to get up before the clock hits double figures! Fun, isn't it?
PS Half Term is the last week In're welcome ;o)

The Dotterel said...

And that's a long way off! Too long!

Crash Course Widow said...

I had to laugh at this one. Anna just started preschool yesterday, and I'm already wondering how I'm going to survive having to be schedule-driven again (especially when it's more important to be on time for dropoff AND pickup than it was at her other preschool last year). And I am not a morning person, nor terribly punctual and on top of schedules...especially not after 3 years of widowhood.

So best of luck to the both of us, eh? I should try your trick of moving everthing up by 30 minutes...that's brilliant. Because otherwise bedtime is always a lot later than I mean it to, and I always run late. Charley's not around to nag me or help get Anna ready anymore, so it's gotten worse in the last 3 years. Ugh.

Hope you catch up on your rest, energy, or whatever you want to call it soon!


Xbox4NappyRash said...

Just 15 more years or so, then you can have a nap.

Single Parent Dad said...

Thanks Penelope, and Dotterel is correct thats an age away.

I agree with you Candice, I'm no morning person either, and definitely no better for widowhood. I hope to get a well earned rest soon.

Cheers Xbox, I like the or so bit.

dadshouse said...

Okay, I just found your blog, and being from the US, I don't know what knackered means! I'm guessing it means tired. But I truly have never heard that word. Too funny.

Single Parent Dad said...

Welcome Dadshouse, and right back at you. You were correct in your assumption about knackered.

Tismee2 said...

At least its getting darker now. I always had trouble with Alexander being up with the sun. He still belives if it's light he has to be up.

I like a morning routine though. Any deviation and I'm totally out of synch.

Single Parent Dad said...

Tismee - Alas for the blackout blind, a true great in the world of science, or window cloaking anyway.

Single Mom Seeking said...

How great that you walk with him every morning! I had the chance to walk my kid to preschool... and it really is such a good time (although, yes, it takes so darn long when you stop and look at everything!).

Good for you... And wow, no coffee in the morning?

Single Parent Dad said...

Cheers SMS - I really enjoy our stroll, even if it is a little challenging at times.

And coffee? My dear it's a good old cup of tea we need to get the day going here!

T said...

What a true statement!! I've been worn out since school began myself. I can so relate to this post!!

I just came across your blog from a comment you left over at Dad's House. I like your sense of humor and viewpoints from what I've read so far.

Great reading!!

Single Parent Dad said...

Welcome T. And thank you for your kind comment. It's reasurring to know that my sense of humour isn't lost on everyone.

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