Monday, 29 September 2008

You Are The Greatest

During the recent pre and post Ryder Cup media spat here in The UK. Several players got into the whole debate of self-praise being no praise indeed.

And I agree with that.

I think most Brits concur.

We don’t like trumpet blowers, though one of my friends from across the pond, thinks it is never too late to learn.

But is it the same when it is done by a somewhat unintentionally brain-washed three-year-old?

Kids, especially it seems of toddler age, will generally put their owners onto a pedestal; if not only to gain favour and, indeed, favours.

My little wordsmith is firmly from this school of thought.

There are some very quick tests to confirm authenticity of his often very temporary adulation, asking if he’ll share his sweets is probably the best of these.

His praise is sometimes just brought about as a simple reaction to acts of kindness, or purchases that have gone down well.

After our weekend apart in August we had a mixture of these.

I’d been thinking of some time of procuring a ride-on scooter, amongst other things to keep the journey to school interesting.

Therefore when I thought it may be wise to mark my return to the parenting controls with a gift for, a hopefully, well behaved young boy.

Multiple birds, one brick.

“You are the greatest daddy.” Was his simple, yet very well received thank you.

I’m not sure what he hugged more, me or the bike for the next hour.

I was totally in demand for the next couple of days, daddy had to do most things, even those tasks sometimes reserved for the easier manipulated.

When he tells me he loves me, and it is not preceded with a gift, or then loaded with a request, that really does make me feel good.

He’ll often say, you’ve been a good boy too, you should get a prize.

I love that mode.

Then this morning, a new status, a new title, some say one that is banded about too much.

But when I could locate my PSP, so Max could play Star Wars Lego - when he was struggling – who am I to argue with the opinion of my three-foot colossus.

“Genius.” He lovingly boomed in my direction.

Self -praise or not, I could not be heartened more by any others' words.
When does sarcasm kick-in?
Or has it already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Penelope said...

"you’ve been a good boy too, you should get a prize" this just killed me - too gorgeous!
At his age I think you're safe for a while. The sarcasm kicks in at around the time their age hits double figures. I speak from experience *sigh*

harassedmomsramblings said...

What prize was suggested ;)

Very cute!

My daughter does this alot. If she asks met to help her with her dolls I get a "Well done mommy! GOOD" when I am done!

I really do feel super special when she praises me!

Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

My boy is wily. Just as I'm about to tell him off or if he knows he's been caught out he'll say: "Mummy you are so pretty today" or "Mummy, there really is no other mummy as good as you".
Thing is, it always works!
He's learnt that and he's only 5!

Roads said...

It's good to be appreciated, and it makes up for all those other times, Ian.

Genius, eh? You could get used to that, given time...

dadshouse said...

You and your son are great! Love the relationship. I cracked up when I read this line: "He’ll often say, you’ve been a good boy too, you should get a prize."

Nice job, lad! (Did I phrase that right, from across the pond? :-)

T said...

Ha! I love reading about you two. It'd be fun to watch you interact with each other. He sounds so amazing!

Single Parent Dad said...

Penelope - Six and a bit years then

Harassedmom - Oh, a prize that he could have used, like a Ben 10 figure.

Tara - Very clever, you must be proud, if a little annoyed, with that ability!

Roads - Most definitely, and I've got used to a lot worse over the last 31 years!

Dads - Cheers. And you certainly did old bean. Wickedeawesome?

T - He is, but I'm not sure the Ian & Max, or more rather, the Max & Ian show would get many viewers.

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