Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Bachelors' Pad

We’ve well and truly settled into our self-built home.

The wood burning stove is in situ, and I’m in the process of procuring wood via the most cost effective method.

And trying to sort out an operating protocol that means I keep my fingerprints on the end of my digits.

All good fun, and I’m already reaping the benefits as the Autumn truly kicks in.

Something quite homely about it, and watching my son dunk ginger nuts into a cup of tea, in front of it in our living room, is very nice indeed.

I’ve been complimented by many on the design of my property, my kitchen and bathroom choices, the decoration and general way I’ve furnished the property.

I can tell it is genuine when some of the women keep asking who helped me with this, or who chose that.

It was me.

Who else is there?

Well actually, I can’t take all the credit, the boy did choose his own colours and light fitting. And even his choices have been revered.

Must run in the family.

My wife and I did actually make those sorts of decisions together previously.

And what turned out to be our only family home was redecorated, and modified from top to bottom, by ourselves.

Some of the colours I’ve transferred to our new home.

I was mindful, of trying to not go too boyish with our place.

After all, I am trying to be the most balanced parent I can, so why not have a well balanced environment to do it in?

Problem is, I’ve had one room left to furnish – the hall, and it is still not complete, but I have started it.

And start it with putting in stuff of a somewhat masculine nature.

They included a gum ball machine, my late wife bought me. A table-type vintage game machine, I’ve acquired via my lovely sister. And a fish tank that I bought for Max’s first birthday present.

I’ve also earmarked a clever storage system for under the stairs, and thereafter will be adding a desk.

My thinking, was, or is, I’m going to create a kind of reception area for my home.

Which, while being quite quirky, would be practical on so many levels.

Fish for us to maintain.

Games for us to play.

Sweets for us to dispense.

And a desk and for working at, dumping post, and eventual paperwork stowage.

But it is turning into a bachelor’s dream area.

A play room for both father and son.

Well after all I suppose that it is home to two boys, and by walking beyond this room, our visitors, especially the regulars, will quickly realise it isn’t like that throughout our home.

We’ve even got fresh flowers sometimes.

Perhaps I should make that a more regular thing.


The Dotterel said...

Sounds perfect already!

Dan said...

I've always dreamed about decking my entire house out like Tom Hanks' apartment in Big. It shall happen one day.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

on my life Dan has just beaten me to the 'big' thing!

Zoeyjane said...

Wow. That sounds amazing. Can you please come do mine?

TopChamp said...

I have a friend who dreams of suspending a snooker tabletop from a pulley system in his house so he can lower it and play then store it neatly afterwards. As long as you don't take it that far I think you'll be ok - It sounds fantastic actually.

Mama Nabi said...

wait... you BUILT... built the house from ground up...? Literally. That is very impressive. Very. I'm speechless from being impressed. Beyond impressed. And Max is quite at home inside - and I think THAT essentially completes the task. Anything else is... just decoration. Belated congrats on this home - hadn't quite realized that you meant it literally when you said you were a self-builder.

harassedmomsramblings said...

Isnt decorating just the BEST FUN!!!

And it sounds like you have both had fund doing it!

The hall sounds cool - I love gum ball machines - they just look so funky!

Penelope said...

Well, I'm a girl (thanks for noticing) and I don't think that sounds like a bachelor pad - I think it sounds excellent!
My hall is the absolutely worst part of my house so any advice would be gratefully received ;o)

Elle Charlie said...

Sounds like a very cool idea for the hallway. I mean, you gotta have a home you love, and if right now it's a bit bachelorish, so be it. Just create a space you both love to be in. Sounds like you're doing an amazing job :)

dadshouse said...

That TV looks pretty masculine. Love it!

Single Parent Dad said...

The Dotterel - Our place is pretty sweet.

Dan - You reckon you'll get away with bunk-beds?

Xbox - You can still dream

Zoeyjane - I sure can. I'll bring my paint brush and my young apprentice!

Topchamp - Now that is a bit too far. Thanks.

Mama Nabi - Oh yes, check out the link for my self-build blog pictures page, and you can see it from a piece of ground, to nearly as it is today.

Harrassedmom - It is cool. But I need to change gum balls, for something more Max friendly.

Penelope - Yeah, the hall was going to be a waste here. It is quite a big room, not really a hall. So I think what I've come up with is smart.

Elle - Cheers for that lovely comment and thank you for visiting.

Dadshouse - I agree. But it isn't mine, just a stock photo.

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