Thursday, 30 October 2008

Half-Term Is A Scream

In so many ways.

Well it is Halloween.

Not that I’m making much of a song and dance about it.

We do have a mutilated candle-bearing pumpkin.

It was part of our fun filled day yesterday.

Out spent with the in-laws, a beautiful autumn forest walk. So many vibrant colours, I just wish I wasn’t photographically retarded.

The walk ended at a small farm that had a charming café, a converted stable no less.

Then back to theirs for dinner and fruit lantern construction. Oh, and watching the new Star Wars cartoon series.


Time with friends and children earlier this week and tomorrow too.

A day at Coventry’s Transport Museum today, which was really, really, really good.

Better than expected - isn’t it nice when that happens?

And time spent with a couple of friends we have not seen much lately. Kids starting school, timetables changing, has meant these occasions are more fleeting than they used to be.

Nobody’s fault. Just life evolving for everyone.

Probably makes these days more enjoyable, as they are savoured rather than taken for granted.

Before Max was at nursery I used to hate school holidays, as all the bigger kids being off, buggered up most of our plans, or made some of our usually enjoyable haunts decidedly unpleasant places.

Now they are an opportunity for me to spend more weekday time with my heir apparent.

There are still places to avoid, and better visited in term time, one of the benefits of not having my child in full-time nursery.

In my experience planning and preparation is the key.

Fill the diary up with activities, and alternatives for adverse weather conditions, or any other surprises the week may bring.

People are important too.

Each day this week has been at a different place, and with different personnel.

A good mix of family, old friends, and Max’s new friends from nursery and around the village.

While it is exhausting, it has felt like a holiday.

We haven’t gone that far or checked-in anywhere. Holidays are more about a state of mind for me.

There has been the odd tantrum, both of us have thrown them, when our way has not been the chosen path.

Only one major incident, which I think we shall both learn from.

We are definitely on the same page this week, in sync.

Lots of ‘I love you’ and cuddles.

But as good as this week has been, I can not wait for nursery to come back online next week!



Kori said...

Ah, the joy of vacation (or hilday) from school comes when is starts back up again...ha ha, but there really is an almost equal amount of enjoyment in it. Sounds like you have had a great week.

Roads said...

Coventry Transport Museum, eh? Sounds great - must be loads of Triumphs and other assorted British motor history on view there.

I must check it out one day when next I'm back in that neck of the woods. If ever I can escape the bloody ring road, that is.

A little-known fact is that as a youth I was once a member of the Coventry Godiva Swimming Club.

Fortunately we did not have to dress (or rather undress) as the name might have implied...

harassedmomsramblings said...

Sounds like you guys are having loads of fun ;)

Its nice when the week ends and its been a good one!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Penelope said...

Sounds like your Half Term has been heaps of fun! We've been a bit manic too and not quite done yet. I think I'll be glad to go back to work on Monday for a rest! (Remind me I said that on Monday evening?)

Snickollet said...

Happy Halloween!

I'm glad you and your son have enjoyed a nice holiday, but I can totally relate to being ready for "school" to start back up again.

Single Parent Dad said...

Kori - It has been a top, top week.

Roads - Much more there than I expected. They have that record breaking thing, a simulator and all sorts split over two levels. Free admission!

Harassed Mom - Thanks and I will try!

Penelope - It has been fun, let's hope it continues to Monday.

Snick - And to you to, do you have your pumpkin?

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