Thursday, 23 October 2008

His Bark Is Worse Than His Bite

How loud can children be?

Forget expensive electric sucking public address systems; just get a gaggle of kids to read out what needs saying.

That way they can learn to read, improve their pronunciation and perform a service all at the same time, ultra efficient.

My little boy wonder has a right set of lungs on him.

I’m glad they dug the foundations deep here, as I’m sure the place vibrates when he belts out a;


It is one of the current lessons I’m trying to deal out.

I suppose it fits under the whole improving our patience banner.

It might actually be a family thing. My sister and I suffered with the same condition, her terribly.

She would bellow for our mother to come and turn her bedroom light off to save her getting out of bed, or if she wanted a drink bringing upstairs.

Max is continuing in a similar vein, or at least trying to.

First up in a morning we’ll come downstairs, usually with Junior riding on my back, switch off the alarm, and then I’ll set him up with some warm milk and, depending on the time, some breakfast.

I then usually head back upstairs for a snooze, shower or both.

Then the shouting starts, for more milk, breakfast – if it is yet to be served – DVDs to be put on, or just general daddy whereabouts enquiries.

I’ve been ignoring these yells, attempting to teach him that shouting is not the way forward.

It has been working, and not working, on several scores.

Let’s just say it is not the best policy when your little one wants their derriere polished.

Ignoring that one back-fired, quite literally.

But generally it seems to be getting through that barking might not be the best way to get assistance from his father.

And brilliantly, when my sister stopped last weekend, she was woken by his persistent bawling and my matching ignorance.

I was just surprised she didn’t join in. Share/Save/Bookmark


Kori said...

Have you gotten yet to this one? "Dad." "Dad." "Dad." DAD!" "What?" "Nothing." that

harassedmomsramblings said...

OH my son does that

"mom mom mom mom"
"pick up my toy that is JUST out of arms reach"

It can send me flying through the rough!!!!!!!

Trying to get them to stop yelling is a daily battle! It has gotten better but some days the neighbours teenager tries drowning it all out with his music - those days are really fun!!!!

Penelope said...

This is where having 2 children comes in handy. Lil Miss P does 99% of the screaming and shouting in this house and usually has her brother running around after her. Is this why God invented ear-buds? ;o)

The Grocer said...

SO he shouts even though you dont? That'[s good to know we've been blaming ourselves for our six year old's shouting thinking he had picked it up from us.

Tismee2 said...

Yes we have the shouting thing too, infact everyone shouts in out house these days. If it's not the kids at us it's us at the dogs or kids.

It's a madhouse!

Maybe it's not a good thing?

The Dotterel said...

Yeah, but put a piece of paper in front of 'em and ask them to read to an audience and it's almost silent...

Single Parent Dad said...

Kori, Kori, Kori.....Kori.....Yes!

Harassedmom - Your neighbours kid 'sounds' delightful.

Penelope - I thought that was because of Neil Diamond

The Grocer - I can confirm it is all his own work.

Tismee - Depends how thick your walls are.

The Dotterel - I know, ask them to speak and you get silence.

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