Thursday, 9 October 2008

Just For You Daddy

I have a fantastic relationship with my boy.

He’s my best friend, most of the time, and we enjoy each others’ company in any scenario, well, almost.

We bring out the best in each other, and probably the worst. But I think it is funny how he reserves certain behaviour, or changes it, just because of my very presence, that of others, or even just as the day gets older.

This morning, he was a tad reluctant to go to nursery. I think it is a delayed reaction to some of his friends crossing the playground to proper school in September.

He moaned all the way round, on our usually pleasant walk.

Enter his friends, and a transformation.

Happy as a pig not in a sandwich.

Still needed me to accompany him over to the big group of kids trading Pokemon cards.

I have my uses.

Then we have our respective days at play, and at nursery.

Upon collection, as we were off to Grandma’s for tea, and I expect Max to want to play for a bit with his friends before we headed there, I suggested he went to the toilet.

Cue the grizzles.

“That’s the first moan we’ve had all day,” said the genuinely surprised nursery leader.

Still, he went, and so did we, eventually, for our free feed.

Once there, he then told me to stop talking to his grandma, I must either wait for his granddad to come home from work, or play with the toys he had suggested.

I ignored him, and pointed out, that the time he’d spent trying to ostracise me would have been better used playing, which I wasn’t really interrupting.

Granddad did return, and he was invited to play, as I was again reminded that I was not necessarily needed.

Dinner was cooked, and I was again his friend.

“I want the same as Daddy.” He told all that would listen.

Afterwards, and as he tired, my stock grew.

I was on toilet duty, and became central in the game playing.

And simply had to be the one to get him ready to go.

Some of the reasons we visit, is for a bit of a break, and so the grandparents get to do some of the things usually reserved for moi.

Therefore I deliberately held back from going to help him wash, brush his teeth and get his PJs on.

But, no sooner had I not followed him up the stairs, could I here his little feet coming down them to fetch me.

We negotiated briefly and Nanny was re-included in his support team.

Though he wasn’t too keen.

“I want Daddy to do it,” repeat to fade.

Like two hours ago, if he’d had his way, I wasn’t even allowed to talk, now, only I was allowed to hold his tooth brush.


My popularity index must have had more movement than the FTSE today.

And most likely, so will it tomorrow.


Kori said...

I think sometimes that my youngest is a little schizo-he goes from "Daddy will" which would be FINe with me if his dad LIVED with us, to "Go away me!" to "love you mommy" to "I tell Daddy you!" i don't know whether to laugh or cry sometimes, but at least he is consistent in his inconsistencies, right? And...happy as a pig NOT in a sandwich? Too funny, old chap.

harassedmomsramblings said...

This is a fascinating phenomena in kids!

My kids will spend the day with my mom and not whinge or whine or fight - let me put my key in the door and they turn into 2 different children!

Its really very fascinating!

Eddie 2-Sox said...

Good stuff dude, and completely true.

Sam's mum is a self-confessed drama queen, and his level of ham-acting rises when he's around her. With me, either alone or with others around, he's not melodramatic at all. I think they just try to appeal to whoever's near at the time.

Incidentally, I'm shocked that your nursery still allows the ownership of such incredibly dangerous things as Pokemon cards. As Sam would tell you, they've been "Bandoned" from school for months now.

The Grocer said...

It's all about control and learning what they can and can't control, testing the boundaries etc.
I have found over time that, I choose the battles to fight and the controls I need to exert carefully. I think boys especially sometimes need to feel they have control and can exercise it.

T said...

This is so funny and so true! Kids act so differently with their parents.

Xbox4NappyRash said...


Who in their right mind would want to be subjected to that?

dadshouse said...

My kids are teens, and they TOTALLY want me to do stuff for them. Lazy bastards :-)

(I'm just teasing with the bastard comment)

Single Parent Dad said...

Kori - 'I love you - You're not my friend' nano seconds apart. Perhaps it IS mini-schiz?

Harassedmom - But, and that should be a big BUT, the word NO isn't used as much by grandparents. They resort to just asking for stuff rather than trying to get something past you by any method.

Eddie - Cheers. I'm sure it is only a matter of time before they are banfoned, running has been this week.

The Grocer - I agree, Max likes to think he is in control, but he knows he isn't.

T - You knows it!

Xbox - If you look closely the answer is in your question.

Dadshouse - Bang-on. Max is a lazy swine, but, so am I.

Mama Nabi said...

Haha... so mine is NOT the only Sybil in the class. With LN, it's between my sister and me. If either one of us had the audacity to assume her majesty's wants, i.e. whether she want me or my sister to accompany her to the bathroom, we get the full-on tantrum. SHEESH.

Angela said...

I can SO relate. Depending on the day, the angle the sun is hitting some object in the house, or maybe even what someone is wearing, I am completely in demand, or told I'm definitely not needed or wanted at that second. Who can account for these whims? The best thing, though, is that when it comes to certain of our daily routines (bedtime and such), it's just me and Anya. No grandma or nanna. Just mommy. Our special times remain ours and hopefully always will.

Single Parent Dad said...

Mama Nabi - Oh to be so close to a child.

Angela - That's a lovely comment. Welcome to my blog.

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