Friday, 31 October 2008

What Do You Do?

I have always disliked that question, and my distain is growing proportionally with age and, I guess, situation.

It is a question that I have never found an acceptable short answer for.

‘As little as possible.’ Used to be my stock reply, but it was never funny, or clever enough to move the conversation onto the next small-talk subject.

See, I had various roles within an UK subsidiary of a multi-national, Danish originated, manufacturer of electric linear actuators and control systems.

Now if that confused you, some of my job titles would have too

Planning and logistics manager, I mean, what is that?

But now, if it is possible, my answers are even longer than before.

Thing is, I’m fudging it a bit at the moment.

Fingers in pies, big-time.

Parenting is number one priority, and as Junior is not at school yet, it does physically occupy a fair share of my time.

But ‘stay-at-home dad’, always prompts immediate intrigue in what my wife does.

I’m still plugging away at freelance writing, but it is very sporadic, and I do not earn a decent income from it yet, nor do I have regular paid jobs.

I have started mentoring, but again this is a work-in-progress, I’m checking it out, and being checked out at the same time.

At a house warming a couple of weeks ago, a youngish lad asked me this question, and I can’t even recall what I said.

Not because I was inebriated, but as I gave him such a long-winded and fumbled answer, he, and I, both wished he had never asked.

It turns out he works in forestry, disappointingly he did not have any logs in his pockets, – I did check - but how nice it would be to give a simple, yet interesting answer like that.

Not sure I’m quite cut out for life as a lumberjack, and I bet very few work part-time.

I think I’m always going to struggle to give a succinct answer, unless I suddenly take up lying.

And that really is not me.

So I shall just have to work on reducing my elongated answer, and continue to develop my career change/in-between jobs riposte. Share/Save/Bookmark


Michael M. said...

Good post!

I used to have a job of a somewhat sensitive nature that was just plain not appropriate to talk about. I used to tell people that I worked in distribution for a company that made those little plastic wraps that held the wires together in the back of a computer. It would stop the inquiry cold in their tracks out of fear of boredom!

Nice site....found you via "Squared Off"

harassedmomsramblings said...

So a whole post on what you do and I dont know what you do!

When I started chatting to Soccer Boy I asked him what he did - he replied "I am an ass model"

So we kept with that ;o) It pays pretty well actually!

dadshouse said...

Tell people you are in child care!

Single Parent Dad said...

Hi Michael M - I'm glad you found me, and I'll be over yours for my daily dose.

Harassed Mom - Exactly. I could have posted my job spec and you still would be none the wiser.

Dadshouse - I just might you know!

Penelope said...

Welcome to the world of single working parents ;o)
When I was a full time Mum I hated being asked what I do and now that I work and look after the Lil P's as a single Mum, I dread the question even more. There just isn't a quick answer!
I do occasionaly like to answer that I'm an alcoholic-scary-cat-lady-in-training ;o)

Kori said...

There really never seems to be a great way to answer that; I get to say I am in insurance, but even that is a risk due to the whole AIG bailout. Plus people think "Snake Oil Salesperson," so I usually just say "office work."

The Dotterel said...

I think my biggest problem with this question is the way that the answer is supposed to 'define' you, somehow. For years, the answer to the question has been 'teacher' and that's a conversation stopper, I can tell you.

Zoeyjane said...

I am a professional slaqueur. It generally takes people a little bit to figure that one out and by then, we're onto other topics.

Tismee2 said...

How about a Child and Domestic Development Officer?

You can even abbreviate it to CDDO.

That'll impress them!

Single Parent Dad said...

Penelope - Thanks for the welcome, shall I take my shoes off?

Kori - Too true.

The Dotterel - What you do doesn't, or should that be, shouldn't, define you.

Zoeyjane - Love that, and consider it stolen.

Tismee - Will you get me some cards printed?

Penelope said...

Take your shoes off?? Didn't you get the memo? I don't DO feet! Ewwwww! ;o)

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