Thursday, 27 November 2008

Are You Ready For JC’s Birthday? Christ No. It’s Max’s First.

This seems to have become the current tourette-like prompted question that fills the air amongst parents in the playground when silence simply will not do.

Generally the conversation between parents, that do not know each other well, can be a bit bleak.

Not with me of course, I am quite the hoot.

You can almost see the cogs grappling for conversation topics, hooking into anything seasonal, and I suppose as we are only a few days from December, talk of Christmas is nearly justified.

Can not wait for January and the reviews of everyone’s respective festive activities.

The anniversary of Christ’s birthday, if indeed the records have been accurate, the stories were all genuine and he actually ever existed as a being, always hits me ill prepared.

My tiny rebellious streak and distain for acting to instruction and convention means I like to make the minimum amount of effort at the last possible point in time, and still get everything sorted that I want sorted.

The uneducated call that lazy.

I am actually in front this year as I have already ordered a turkey.

But my neighbour, by erecting two white trees on his garden, and starting to decorate his home with lights, has triggered a minor panic attack.

I need a list, lists are good.

Breaking stuff down into smaller parts, makes things seem easier, and they also give you a much better idea of how much time these arrangements are going to take, and when you can do them.

Being in a new home I actually need to formulate a new festive plan, but I also still have jobs to finish in the house, that had a pre-xmas deadline on my imaginary gantt chart.

There is an artificial tree somewhere, most likely in my parents’ loft.

But while reading another blog I was thinking drawing a tree on the wall might be quite avant-garde, and inexpensive of course.

My idea to buy a live tree and plant it in the garden afterwards to use again, will have to remain exactly that, an idea generated in 2008.

Cards I suppose. Get some cheap ones for Max’s nursery chums, which could perhaps double as invites for his small party I need to plan and squeeze in.

Thinking as I type – is that the typing equivalent of thinking out loud?

I do have a list somewhere that has present ideas on it for Max. This will diminish as family and friends ask for an inkling of what would satisfy the boy’s desires.

There have also been things I have spotted for my close family and friends, and I mean close.

Over the past few seasons I have made a concerted effort to bring down the amount of people I have to worry about, and in turn, the number procuring stuff for me.

It is a bit daft the buying for each other cycle. And making it larger than necessary in adulthood is positively silly.

There will be further reduction work done this time.

Not sure how succesful they will be, or if I will get my message across without sounding tight or heartless.

However I am sure I will be ready, or my ready, when the UK's next bank holiday occurs. Share/Save/Bookmark


Kerrie said...

Lists are great...if it's not on my list it doesn't happen. I even placed my order at the butcher today. Christmas in Australia is usually hot, hot, hot so we have a cold lunch, often outside depending on just how hot it gets...lots of seafood (prawns, crayfish, salmon) and salads, usually hot roast pork or turkey and potatoes (cooked on the BBQ of course)...I need to order a side of salmon tomorrow, just remembered. After lunch the pool is always put to good use, everyone enjoys a swim.

This year we are giving immediate family (parents, siblings, siblings in law) gifts as part of Oxfam's Unwrapped program...all "couples" will have a pair of breeding goats bought in their name. All children (nieces, nephews, grandsons) will receive a gift but will also have a duck or chicken purchased in their name. I feel so much more at ease with giving in this way, we have truckloads of "stuff"...we don't need more.

Hope Max has a special day...!!!

harassedmomsramblings said...

I am kinda likeing the drawing the Christmas tree idea!!!

If you have a nice open wall - I would do it ;-p

I dont make lists - I should! In fact its really neccessary but I am just too lazy and work well under pressure so my mad dash to the shops last minute always yield the best gifts :)

Tismee2 said...

Ever since we had this 'wonderful' idea of collecting glass ornaments from various holiday locations I have dreaded decorating the tree. Every year one of them gets smashed - usually the one we can't ever replace.

I'd go for the tree drawing too. Can't break anything and why not get Max to make little decorations from milk bottle do we even have those anymore?

I like the Oxfam thing - my selfish materialistic family will have none of that but will twist their faces at the toiletries or set of gloves they get instead.

Good luck with the plans!

Single Parent Dad said...

Kerrie - They certainly are.

I've been gifted a toilet in Africa before. Not a bad plan really, but still if I'm going to give to charity, probably best to do that when cash flow isn't at it's worst.

Harassedmom - I have got the perfect spot, but I'm now a little worried of the permanence of whatever I scrawl.

Tismee - My mother has taken to doing that, and guess what? Max finds the most delicate ornaments the most attractive. Plastic all the way here!

Mama Nabi said...

I don't do cards or gifts dictated or reminded by an occasion. And I let my people know that I do remember them but I don't need a date to let them know that I think of them. I believe in gifting or carding when the mood strikes me, if I see a perfect card for a friend or a gift someone would like, I get it for him/her. This has made my holidays NOT full of stress. :-) Of course, this did not make me very well liked in my ex's family who NEVER get gifts or cards for anyone except on birthdays and religious holidays.

However, I do believe in going all out for Santa. Hence a huge fake tree about to be erected in our tiny livingroom.

Zoeyjane said...

What about baking? You both could make cookies and decorate them for the family and friends that money might not allow reach towards. That being said, we bought a tree - a $13 three foot tree with fake cranberries on it - just because it seemed like it was something we should do. But I'll still hang ornaments from the ceiling.

Single Parent Dad said...

Mama Nabi - You have a similar ethos to me, and I have pretty much got onboard with xmas, especially as it isn't really for me anymore.

Zoeyjane - Not a bad plan, but it is as much about the effort as the money for me. I will be buying for about a dozen people, apart from Max, and to me, that is enough.

I know you bought a tree, I read all about it!

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