Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Blimey, I'm Single

Well my web pseudonym sort-of implies that, but I hope you will get my point.

I was at a wedding this weekend, an absolutely glorious affair as it happens, set in a beautiful part of Worc-es-ter-shire.

The two very beautiful people who were getting spliced sent me a surprise invite as early as last year.

I know them reasonably well, but they were really friends of Samantha.

Never the less, I was delighted to get an invite, and even further enlightened to know there would be more familiar names on the guest list, and that guest list also included an invited for my sister, and roomy for the night.

It was a venue wedding, as I like to call them. The ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening functions were all held at the same picturesque hotel.

Which was also a surprise as, the bride particularly, is quirky and very creative.

However I was most impressed with the groom’s choice of outfit. A country gent’s suit, and now I want one, and a shot-gun to complete the look obviously.

Their traditional backdrop and itinerary was dappled with subtle changes, slightly out of the ordinary, which kept us on our toes.

The photographer was very inventive, and, as-it-happens, very pretty, it must be a pre-requisite, just look at these beautiful folks.

Amongst the other twists, were the speeches.

They are usually delivered after the wedding breakfast, for those who may not know, instead on this occasion, they were made between courses, and not all by the usual suspects.

This did startle me a little, and my bladder was less than impressed.

I was also a little taken aback to discover all this while I was seated at the unofficial singles’ table.

The - what do you do – question was the least of my worries, when one of the first I fielded from this ensemble was, how long have you been single?

Speech and less are not often words associated with myself, unless of course, they are used in a ‘his actions left me’ sort of way.

Not really wanting to answer the question, luckily the by-product, my hesitation, ironically directed the attention vehicle to veer elsewhere.

I sat there a bit stunned really.

Weddings and social functions have been really tricky as a widower, but generally I’ve been treated as just that, which might have made it worse, I’m unsure.

Being amongst couples, and friends, that my wife and I used to ‘date’ felt normal and abnormal at the same time.

Everyone generally knew my story, so there were no conversation stoppers, well never on Sam’s count anyway.

This time due to numbers and the brides desire to mix the guests up, in an effort to maximise the mingling, I found myself at the aforementioned round-table of the unattached.

A strange feeling, and an incite to the future I suppose.

It did not last very long and I really enjoyed the table’s company.

Not least because I was sat opposite my beautiful sister and life is always entertaining when she is around.

The others were great company too, with perhaps one exception, but even he provided entertainment for the rest of us, even if he did it unwittingly.

But this was definitely a distinctly different dose of the: you-ARE-single-now, life lesson. Share/Save/Bookmark


harassedmomsramblings said...

Gosh the wedding sounds lovely!! Glad you had a nice time!

LOL dont people ask the daftest things when you are single - its almost like we are a totally seperate species!

Penelope said...

That's a gorgeous picture of you and your sister. However, I know that you're not *that* much younger than me...how come you look about 14 years old? Huh? HUH?! What's your secret? I reallyyyyyy want to know! ;o)

Mama Nabi said...

Eek! Who asks questions like that? Hm... thinking back, I guess I get asked the "How long you've been divorced?" question quite a bit. But... seems different when you're widowered... isn't it? My day of separation was a happy one and well... you know.

Hey, at least, from the picture, you both looked fantastic, single or not.

Single Parent Dad said...

Harassedmom - It really was, and the thing was it was another 'single' asking the questions.

Penelope - Thanks, my sister will really like that. And if I had a secret it wouldn't stay that way for long!

Mama Nabi - People I meet at weddings ;-)Thanks for the picture comment.

T said...

I guess as a divorced mom, its a little easier to embrace my "singleness"... though I honestly wanted my marriage to survive. I suppose this was yet another lesson in claiming that part of you. I would imagine it'd be difficult in a sea of those who knew Samantha. But I applaud you for attempting to have a good time in spite of it! Bravo!

Susan said...

Oh, people do have a knack for asking questions in ways that can make one squirm!

(Although I'm sure you handled it beautifully.)

I'm glad you had a fun time at the wedding, despite perhaps a moment of awkwardness and long speeches. And, yes, you do look about 14 -- not that there's anything wrong with that:)

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