Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Clumsy Days

I was greeted at nursery with the usual smile and gusto, but I also spotted something in the hand of Max’s key stage worker.

That something sadly turned out to be the accident book.

No immediate panic, they would have called, and I do try not to do that, in any case.

Turns out my mini colossus had taken a fall, a trip worsened by another kid from the nursery falling on top of him.

The form detailed he had a grazed chin, similar below his nose, and he had cut his lip.

His assigned nursery employee said, “There was more blood than bother, and although it does not look good, Max was soon over it.”

An attitude I respect, in both worker and my child.

The form was duly signed, and I continued round the corridor to inspect and comfort my little soldier.

Indeed, it did not look pretty, but he did not get upset, and was not in a rush to tell me what had gone on.

As a positive we were having one of his friends back for play and tea, so not much time for him to feel sorry for himself, a positive distraction.

We wandered home and I noticed he was a little more sensitive than usual. Not happy when things were not going his way.

Like wanting to be the leader on our journey back, and hogging all our lightsabers – yes we, and I mean WE, have several.

That seemed to calm when he won possession of the Darth Vader costume.

However when he tried to put it on, he slipped, fell, and scratched his back on our little filing cabinet.


He was again quickly comforted and calmed, and I helped him safely into the outfit.

After we had dinner and pudding, play duly recommenced.

Amongst the tomfoolery was playing with, or within, a huge cardboard box we have yet to destroy completely.

It was squeezed into another room from our hall, so as not to wake the baby sister of our visitor, who had come with her dad to pick him up, and was asleep in her stroller.

They had got the Roary The Racing Car track in front of their make-do-den.

As I turned to talk to the collecting parent I heard a ‘yowk’ coming from that room.

Junior was holding his backside, and the track was no longer in one piece.

It was difficult to work out what had happened, other than it was clear my boy had bashed himself yet again.

Clumsy just seems to like to hang around.

I scooped my crying lad up for more comfort and suggested he was not having a very good day.

The weeping wee man gargled out, “Daddy, I don’t like it when I have bad days.”

Neither do I son, neither do I.

And I hope clumsy now takes a very long walk from our world. Share/Save/Bookmark


Laura said...

Unfortunately we seem to have more and more clumsy days. My son takes after me.

It's come to the point where if he doesn't fall over or walk into something I think there's something wrong.

My husband (the completely non clumdy one) just can't understand it!

harassedmomsramblings said...

Oh dear! Those clumsy days are not nice at all :( We have had our fair share and it seems once they start it just goes on and on!!

Ok I HAVE to ask you to please explain WHO was sleeping in the other room and why? I read it 3 times and cant work it out *blush*

Single Parent Dad said...

Laura - I thought that clumsy was something that Max got from me, but ROADS, left a previous comment that said he'd read evidence that you can be convinced you are clumsy and therefore act that way, even though you are fully capable of acting safetly.

I don't know though. As one who has fallen from a standing position, I must have had someone drilling the clumsy idea into me from a very early age!

Harrassedmom - No they aren't, I'm not a big fan.

Our visitor's baby sister was asleep in her stroller in the hall, she'd come with their dad to pick him up. I've changed it a bit, hope it reads better now.

Mama Nabi said...

Oh... poor Max... Hope his clumsy day was over quickly. No, Max, bad days are absolutely no fun!

Thank goodness for lightsabres to cheer you up.

The Grocer said...

I thought I detected the Force.

KristinRanae said...

Aww:o( I hate those "clumsy" days. I hope that today is better:o)

T said...

*sigh* Yep, I know all about clumsy.

I love how you're so in tune with your little guy. You've totally taken on the role of intuitive mom. It is really refreshing to see. (I know... its not like you had a choice.)

You do play this role so well! You were indeed made for it.

Hope Max's days get better!

Penelope said...

Awww it's so sad when little ones have *those* sort of days. I know my nephews are fine for weeks and in the space of a day can injure just about every part of their bodies. My 2 were the same at that age. now they are clumsy, just bigger, so the damage caused is rather spectacular!
Hope Little Man is feeling better :o)

harassedmomsramblings said...

OH goodness me - I read SITTER - sorry!!!! totally a case of not reading properly - THREE TIMES!!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Ah the poor guy, it's not nice to think of him having had a 'bad' day.

Clumsiness can definitely be 'brought on', if I think too hard about how I am going to exit a meeting room, I inevitably stub my toe or hit my face with the door.

Single Parent Dad said...

Mama Nabi - It was forgotten pretty quickly, and lightsabers are fab.

The Grocer - Indeed. Couldn't get that link to work though.

KristinRanae - Thanks, and it was.

T - Thanks for your very kind comment. Me too.

Penelope - He is, and those days are horrible.

Harassedmom - No worries.

Xbox - Distraction is definitely the case in little ones. Like when they don't look in their direction of travel, very scary.

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