Tuesday, 18 November 2008

How Much Kid?!

Yesterday I banged on about what a fantastic weekend we enjoyed together.

I actually started the post to rant a little about the prices, or more specifically, how they are applied at many of the haunts we like to visit.

It has been brewing for a good time, but yesterday I was distracted by my thoughts of actually why we are enjoying such a good time at the moment.

I think we are reaching a new stage in our lives.

However that does not mean my exorbitant admission charge seething has gone away, and one of my regular, and valued, comment leavers reminded of it, as I caught up on my blog.

That was actually the only downside of our day at Diggerland, the cost.

I can see why they charge £15 for admission, to cover their huge set-up costs, which are actually rather garishly displayed on each of the attractions it offers.

And £180,000 for bumper cars. I think they were done.

It is the same at other places, I mean places like the Sea Life Centre and the Safari Park must have massive upkeep expenses.

Which makes me feel a little better when handing over my money.

I also think although some of these places are expensive, there are still ways to get your money’s worth, and indeed turn your visits into value for money experiences.

Like our visit to the land of all things JCB.

We went on a lot of rides, and comparing with those on a fairground, we would have spent more money.

While that was true for us, it was not true for Auntie I, who still had to pay the full price, even though she was not going to enjoy any of the facilities herself.

Well, £15, for a few goes on the lav is a bit pricey.

And charging a 4-year-old the same as an adult also feels a bit immoral.

The place we about-turned from during half-term charges children more than adults, which I would get if the adults price is nominal, but it is not.

We currently also enjoy a bargain rate at Thomas Land which is just down the road from us.

Presently we pay £14 for entry, and get a great day of fun. But from next year, as he passes his fourth birthday, that price rises to £42.

£19 for him and £23 for me.

But as I spend the majority of my time watching him, or sitting beside him on rides he can not ride solo, I do not really believe that is the correct way of charging.

And sadly it will probably mean we shall not go, so ultimately it has to be the wrong price, doesn’t it? Share/Save/Bookmark


The Grocer said...

You make a good point. Indoor Play areas dont charge for adults do they? Maybe they should turn it around and say Children 40 quid parent(s) go(es) free. It would be more honest and fair that way.

dadshouse said...

I have the same problem with the local Boardwalk rides - the kids are enjoying the kiddie ride, and the adult is making sure the kid is okay, but the adult gets charged, too.

One of the reasons I like to bodysurf and boogie board with my kids so much - the beach is free!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Never before thought of it like that.

Now I have it really bugs me.

Aside from the fact that is WAY too much to begin with for a wee fella.

Mama Nabi said...

The thing is, they can charge that much and get away with this highway robbery because there are pleny of parents who will dish out that much money... myself included, sometimes. Sigh. I do love seeing my LN's face light up on these rides but to think that we spend that much money on a day's fun when it could buy probably a month's worth of food for a hungry child somewhere...

Single Parent Dad said...

The Grocer - That's right. Clarity would be good.

Dadshouse - Indeed as Janet Jackson once warbled, the best things in life are free.

Xbox - My apologies for introducing more anguish into your life.

Mama Nabi - Yeah they must do there research and realise there are a lot of suckers about like you and me.

Working mum said...

Oo, SPD, I so agree about the prices, would limit our days out, but here's a tip:

I use my Tesco Clubcard vouchers to change into Tesco Days Out vouchers. We've therefore had 'free' trips (I say 'free' as I spend thousands in Tesco) to the Jorvik Centre in York, Spaceport, Folly Farm, Beamish, World of Glass, Eureka!, Knowsley Safari Park, Beatrix Potter Museum, Portmeirion, etc (lots of places around the country take them)

You can also change them into Tesco Restaurant vouchers so we have 'treat' lunches out at La Tasca, Cafe Rouge, etc paying only for drinks.

Have to make the systems work for you!

Penelope said...

I totally agree that kids theme parks should charge a (realistic) fee for the children and the parents who are just supervising should not be charged at all! Parents will be stung for drinks/snacks/sweets/ice creams anyway!
I must mention my recent trip to Leed's Castle - my sister bought a selection of adult and child tickets earlier in the year ranging from free to £14 (adult) - they are valid ALL year! We could go every day and play there if we wanted to. That is bloody good value, I think :o)

Single Parent Dad said...

Working Mom - But I have a phobia of reward cards, I just think they are going to use the info against me somehow. But you do make a good point.

Penelope - There are places that are a real bargain. Cosford Air Museum is absolutely fantastic and is my favourite price. Gratis.

Ross said...

Sounds like these problems are the same regardless of what country one's from. I can't wait for my son to be born. I'm also going to be a single dad and I'm so excited.

You look like you're able to cope and I hope I do to.

My single dad blog: Ang Tanging Ama

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