Thursday, 13 November 2008

Lazy Bones

This is not a post about my growing beer belly, no, more about the cheek of my very own, little prince charming.

I forget sometimes how funny he can be, and take for granted that all around us are aware of his comic genius.

He has the wonderful ability to raise a smile on all those who come into contact with him, like most kids do, and the laughs usually follow.

I love it when he makes me laugh, which is like, all-the-live-long-day.

It also pleasures me to watch him make others laugh, especially when he does it for the first time, and I can actually see these people ‘getting him’.

And it is also reassuring that it is not just me going mad.

Like when he responded to a neighbour’s question, about if he liked babies or not.

His “Not particularly,” triggered some proper belly-laughing at that toddler group session.

He was not even trying, not like when he does his monkey joke.

His forward thinking nursery are busied with the task of bringing him up to speed, ready for the start of school.

His key stage worker thingy person, has been keeping me informed with these things and, indeed, with explaining what they are.

‘They’ are more practical skills, like wiping one’s backside solo, putting shoes on – the correct feet, and generally being able to dress and undress.

Max has struggled with his fleecy coat, it sticks to his clothes and means it is not easy for him to get it off, and therefore, hang it up.

Because we are often against the clock, or in the way in the corridor, I tend to help him with this. But the nursery sees it as a skill to master, and like the children to do this themselves when they come in from outdoor play.

I am grateful that they have the patience, and they are playing a very good role in this type of development.

As he has struggled with that coat I was today interested to know if he was getting on any better with his winter coat.

His lovely monitor person said he was doing great, and asked my glorious son to confirm his improvement.

“You take your own coat off now don’t you Max?”

And in that very well congested corridor, he responded with;

“Not if Daddy is around.”

I laughed, and very nearly launched him at the very same time. Share/Save/Bookmark


Mama Nabi said...

LN's montessori is similar in that way... and so imagine my surprise when I hear from her teacher that she does many things on her own but pretends helplessness when Mommy's around. Hurrrumph. That Maxie boy of yours is quite the hoot. But I thought that was part of all you Brits' genetic makeup... the dry witty humor. No?

Xbox4NappyRash said...


"Owned" I believe is the term...

Snickollet said...

I love it when they say those totally honest and gleefully funny things. What a character your boy is!

Single Parent Dad said...

Mama nabi - It must be, but sadly, I don't think ALL kids get it.

Xbox - Correct.

Snickollet - He certainly is

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