Sunday, 2 November 2008

Run For The Hills

I thought we had a great day yesterday, like we have done all this week.

Yet my company was such that the young man in my life decided to temporarily abscond.

Perhaps inspired by his surroundings, he took off just like the ThrustSSC we had just seen.

I did not chase after him; I thought a simple and sharp ‘MAX!’ would suffice, I should do less thinking, if it possible.

He usually responds well to his heel commands, but perhaps I should see if this guy does toddlers too.

Friends who have picked Max up from nursery have even commented how he stays close to you, and does not go haring off like a lot of the children do.

Which is why I thought he would be waiting outside the hangar when we got out of it.

But he was not.

The transport museum is a modern labyrinth, not a gigantic place, but it is split into many different sections, which in turn, means there are plenty to get lost in.

I did not panic, as my next immediate thought was he would have headed back to the SSX simulator we had just been refused passage on – apparently simulating 700mph is not good for those under 120cm.

He was not there either. See, this thinking lark gets me nowhere.

Again, I did not panic.

Panic leads to irrational thinking and inefficiency, do not do it, ever, if you can manage it.

I sent my friends back the way we had walked, and I went on through the museum.

Up some steps into the model world, and I could see him eagle-eyeing the toy car collection.

After a few purposeful strides I was by his side, and taking his hand.

We moved rather swiftly to a quiet corner amongst a rather wonderful collection of miniature vehicles.

I asked why he had took-off, and why he had not responded to my call, and then re-iterated, without trying to scare him too much, how important it was to listen and stay close when we are out and about.

He got a bit upset, which rather wickedly, I was pleased with, I think it means he understood.

During our Q & A and short lecture, it was clear my little wonder was just excited to get to the next bit of the museum, and thought I would be right behind him.

He must have got my thinking gene.

His memory is very sharp, and he had been at the museum before, but with his grandparents and not me, so not that sharp.

It was a lesson learnt for both of us, and I’m grateful that is all it ended up being. Share/Save/Bookmark


harassedmomsramblings said...

Its a little bit nerve wraking when they do that!!!

Cameron did it once and has never left my side since then!

The Grocer said...

Sometimes you have to think like them. I remember being in a local book shop once with Stumpy aged about three and I had left him in the childrens section and wandered round a corner. He came around and unable to see me behind a bookshelf calmly and politely asked the nearest assistant "Have you seen my Dad?" I was so proud that there were no tears and he had the commonsense to ask someone.

Mama Nabi said...

I am glad that it happened and that it was a lesson learned not anything more. I think it IS important that they learn that lesson sooner rather than later. LN has been very clingy and sticks by my side at all times but is starting to venture out a bit... I suspect that lesson will be learned in our household at some point.

BTW, I love hearing about your dates with the little man.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

The lesson's the best bit there, for sure.

The Dotterel said...

But how not to panic, eh? (By the way Ian, you're it - I've tagged you!)

Working mum said...

I wish I could stay that calm. I totally panicked when daughter went missing at the tills in Tesco. Just as they were about to shut the doors and scour the store, I found her hiding in the trolley cupboards by the cafe. Never so scared in all my life. I need some of your rational thinking then I would have remembered her playing hide and seek in there the week before with husband.

single mom seeking said...

You are such a damn good father. So proud of you!!

I'm also in awe of how calm you remained. Bravo.

Penelope said...

Ahhh I remember those days. Good for you not panicking, I'm afraid I found it very hard to stay calm under such pressure and usually ended up screaming at said child when I finally caught up with them, mostly due to my own fear. (Oh yes, I'm a fabulous parent!)
Lesson learned and no harm done, as they say ;o)

Single Parent Dad said...

Harassedmom - They certainly are and I hope my boy takes after Cameron.

The Grocer - He really did not seem concerned, as he was familiar with the museum, he certainly didn't consider himself lost. And as for thinking like a 3 year old, is there any other way? ;-)

Mama Nabi - Me too. And I'm glad you like hearing about our dates.

Xbox - I concur.

The Dotterel - I'm panicking now? What do I have to do?

Working Mum - Sometimes I can be too calm, I certainly could benefit from a bit more anger here and there.

Single Mom Seeking - Thank you, you're too kind.

Penelope - I did have the full length of the model section to compose myself, and his little face often diffuses my mood instantly.

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