Thursday, 20 November 2008

Too Big For His Boots

In the past I have prided myself on attention to detail, and my ability to be organised, albeit done in a much nearer horizontal position than being upright and vertical.

My skill set and aptitude, I think, have served me well in my baptism to parenting, and particularly in operating a routine.

That routine can be broken down into parts, like the regular 24 hour schedule of sleep, eating, washing, getting dressed and undressed and so on.

Then there are things like the weekly activity scheme, making sure we squeeze the right things in.

Our diet rota.

And of course, the replenishment of suitable clothing cycle.

It is a reminder of my gratefulness of having the care of a boy rather than a girl.

I am fashion inept at best, and buying regularly for a girlie would have completely outstripped my skill set.

The truth is I have not bought a great deal of clothes for my son. I generally have only bought things I have either really liked, or if there has been a sudden need for them, or indeed if I have stolen ideas had a brainwave.

Like a raincoat, or fleece, or pair of crocs for coming in and out of the garden.

As Max’s birthday is only three days from Christmas, people who would buy gifts for him often buy him clothes for one and toys for the other.

I also push people this way, and give then sizes of things we need, so if we have an abundance of clothes in his present size I would ask people for the next size up, so we have stock for his inevitable lengthening and widening.

This has generally worked, with the odd top-up here and there. Others also buy odds and sods that catch their eyes.

Shoes have been a different matter as I have always relied upon Clarks.

I have always had good experiences in their stores, plus they make such good shoes that are fitted so well.

I have usually arranged regular visits to their stores, and quite often not purchased anything, as if his shoes still fit, they tell you so, rather than try and force new shoes on you.

However just before we went out on one of our school holiday adventures, Max complained that his shoes hurt.

It was not an immediate problem, as it was a kind of wellington day anyway.

As it happens we managed to squeeze a visit to the shoe shop in that day. Where I was advised that he was half-a-shoe size too big for his current pair.

How could I have missed that?

Then when putting on my his favourite Star Wars pyjamas, there was a discernable gap between both his trouser and ankle, and sleeve and wrist.

I looked at the label, they were size 18 months. Whoopsy.

Replacement Clone Wars PJs were procured at the next available opportunity.

I do take solace in the fact that he does seem to have a growth spurt just lately.

Confirmed by him coming home from a day with grandparents with hoody sleeves someway short of way they should be.

Thanks goodness it will be his birthday and Christmas soon. Share/Save/Bookmark


The Grocer said...

Between Growth spurts and school playground antics we expect to be bankrupt over clothing when ours get to the age.

Working mum said...

Ah, I sympathise with this one. Daughter had a growth spurt one Autumn just after I'd stocked up on Winter clothes; nothing fit her by Christmas, had to ask relatives to buy her clothes, but my fantastic brother gave me money for shoes for her (they are so expensive, but one area you can't skimp, have to have Clarks)!

Bevin Flannery said...

Between my six-year-old daughter and four-year-old son, I'm well acquainted with the "how did you legs get so much longer in 2 weeks" phenomenon.

Feet -- well, feet completely perplex me.

Mama Nabi said...

Shoes are the hardest to keep on top of. And yes, OMG, girlies ARE hard to keep dressed. Mine is constantly criticizing my fashion sense. Don't be hard on yourself, by the way - I'm always TOO cautious and end up buying shoes way too big. Little ones in clothes or shoes just a tad too small for them do break your heart for some reason... :-)

KristinRanae said...

Buying for a girl is a NIGHTMARE! I am constantly purchasing new items for my 2 1/2 year old daughter. Girl clothes are just so sweet...and irreistable:o) I am constantly finding brand new outfits in the back of her closet...that she never got to wear:o( It's an addiction! I love to buy sweet little dresses and jumper sets! Then, I want the the matching shoes or boots, the hair clips/bows, and tights! Ohhh, and sometimes a purse or jewelry:o) See, I told you that it was a nightmare!!!

Be glad that you have a little boy:o)

Single Parent Dad said...

The Grocer - I'll keep all my stuff.

Working Mum - I agree Clarks all the way.

Bevin Flannery - They do just seem to grow sporadically.

Mama Nabi - I'll try to go easy on myself.

Kristin Ranae - I'm delighted I have a little man.

Violet said...

It's hard to buy clothes for little kids 'cos they grow out of them so fast, but also if they've become very picky about what they wear. Which makes the concept of designer childrens' clothes so insane.

Susanna (A Modern Mother) said...

We have a birthday within three days of Christmas as well. I think we overcompensate -- she gets loads of presents, plus we feel guilty and give her a half birthday celebration in June!

Clarks is the way to go!

Single Parent Dad said...

Violet - I think that is again a benefit of boys. He has only once insisted on a particular top, and that was his football top, because his friend had worn one the day earlier at nursery.

Susanna - I agree with all that. And have thrown the 1/2 year thing too.

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