Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Tractor Lesson

With 'Tractor Dave'.

During our recent weekendstart



Working mum said...

That looked FAB! Mustn't let daughter see it or she'll want a go!

Penelope said...

Pah! Never mind the kids! I want a go!!! ;o)

Tismee2 said...

Looks great fun.

I actually had a full tractor license before I could drive a car! I had to drive one in the Navy to tow aircraft round and such. I was even allowed on public roads - but only on a tractor!

isn't it great when you start bouncing around on the bumpy bits?

Single Parent Dad said...

Working Mum - It is. I'm sure Tractor Dave could accomodate.

Penelope - Me too. But I wasn't let loose this time.

Tismee - You need a license. I didn't know that. I've enjoyed my goes, and did rather randomly have a reach-truck fork lift license in the past.

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