Sunday, 16 November 2008

Weekends? No Chance. Weekstarts More Like

They should not be called weekends, because it is when they really start for me, especially this week.

We have had an absolute belter.

Us two are really in the groove at the moment, we are really enjoying each other’s company, and this, most definitely, is a time to enjoy my son growing up.

The pain that I usually feel because Samantha is missing all this is still there, but I feel I am learning to deal with it in a way that does not dampen our enjoyment, and the joy we both experience from new firsts together.

This really is a great time in our lives, and I am determined to enjoy every minute of it.

We have time together and time apart, and will enjoy ourselves when in the company of others too.

But hot on the heels of a great school holiday we have been off for a short break, visiting some great friends.

They run an equestrian centre, which is absolutely fantastic, and means there are all sorts of things going on that my little treasure gets absolutely enthralled with.

From the minute we arrived, which was at the start of a show jumping evening, he has had a whopping-great-big-smile on his face.

He loved watching the horses, and getting little jobs, like helping ‘Tractor Dave’ let the horses in and out of the arena.

There were other kids there, a bit older than him, but he soon had befriended them and enjoyed sharing a couple of toys, when the horses’ charm had subsided.

We had also taken a toy for their dog, and he loved giving it to him, and throwing it for him during the whole time we were there.

The simple things are always the best, strapping the wellington boots on and taking the dog for a walk around the nearby woods, was a ridiculous pleasure.

Going to watch their daughter’s boyfriend play football, and then joining the team for a drink and a packet of crisps in their clubhouse was similarly enjoyable.

Then today, to top it off, we trotted off to Diggerland.

This is a place I have been aware of, but all their sites have been a frustrating distance from our home.

Then this one sprouted up near our friends in T’North.

And so it was on the agenda for any future visit we may have the pleasure of making.

I did not enlighten Max much to our plans, because the weather could have put pay to any visit, particularly on this occasion, as our itinerary only allowed for us to visit today.

One shot at making a visit.

And as the sun shined this morning, I knew we were in for a great day.

We had very nearly arrived before it was let slip where we were headed to.

The excitement immediately started and, as it turned out, it was well warranted.

This place is a joy for all kids, and men for that matter, that enjoy playing with the big-boys’ toys.

Digging holes in £38,000 worth of plant is something that I will no longer dream about.

Nor will my son.

And nor will ‘Tractor Dave’.

I can not wait for our next week-start!


The Grocer said...

Stumpy enjoyed Diggerland at a similar age, I didnt enjoy the prices though I can only imagine they have increased in the last two years too. Sounds as though you both had a fantastic time though.

harassedmomsramblings said...

OH WOW Diggerland looks totally awesome!! So glad the weather played along and you had fun!!

Sounds like one of those special weekends!!!

Single Parent Dad said...

The Grocer - We did have a great time, but my original blogging intention was to have a pop at the prices there place charge. See today's blog post. Thanks for the reminded.

Harassedmom - It sure was. And the place is really, really cool

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