Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Great Day In Lieu Of Grating Day

Monday is usually the day assigned for jobs.

My mom and dad look after Max, and I generally shop, clean and put away.

I have also been doing some of my mentoring work, and from time-to-time I research and write up my football stuff.

This week was different as my regular secondary care providers were off sunning themselves in Tenerife.

So I decided to go again to a place we have had fantastic days before.

Thomas Land, is brilliant, and the dry, yet freezing conditions, meant it could be enjoyed again.

We even topped the day off with a carvery dinner on the way home, and it was a bargain too.

The day time special no less.

Ignore the girlie screaming on the rollercoaster.

I could not help it.



Mama Nabi said...

You know what made my day? That beautifully happy face. If I had to think of pure innocent joy, happiness, that's this smiley Max face. You done good, SPD... simple things that make a little one full of... happy laughter. (sorry, sniffling a bit here...)

harassedmomsramblings said...

oh man that was so super super cool!! So much fun :)

Made me smile!!!

dadshouse said...

What a great video! Looks like fun.

Tismee2 said...

That's wonderful. Alexander would have enjoyed it too a couple of years ago when he was a BIG Thomas fan.
Beats cleaning up and putting away day I bet?

Penelope said...

You crack me up! Max is sat there grinning and loving it and you are squealing like a big girl! Bloody hilarious!

Single Parent Dad said...

Mama Nabi - Wow, thanks for that. Glad it made your day, as well as ours.

Harassedmom - Cool indeed.

Dadshouse - It sure was.

Tismee - Too right.

Penelope - I was squealing so he would enjoy it more of course.

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