Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Relative Calm

In the two day slot we have between my son's birthday, and that of Christ's, I have taken to a policy of calm, with as little going on as is possible.

Last year was a nightmare, as I was here there and everywhere, Max got so ramped up he overheated, picked up a cold and took to his bed Christmas Day afternoon.

This year, to save me from tears, I'm not doing anything special.

That is quality pun-age right there.

And in any case, Max is more than enough entertainment for anyone.



Tismee2 said...

Max has got me worn out already!

Happy Christmas to you both.


Laura said...

What a mover Max is - he puts my two to shame!

I hope you both have a really good Christmas!

Laura x

Mama Nabi said...

I love dance nights at our home as well. How sweet. Merry Christmas, you two. Thinking of you.

harassedmomsramblings said...

That is the CUTEST thing I have EVER seen! And he knows the words - how totally impressive!!!

Hope you have had a WONDERFUL Christmas!

Susan said...

Merry Christmas (or is it "Happy Christmas" over there!) Hope your day has gone well and that Max has calmed down, too! :)

Xbox4NappyRash said...

The burst from singing into all out dance was very funny.

Age minimum on X-Factor?

All the best to you fellas.

Roads said...

That was a good Wham! link you managed to sneak in there without anyone noticing, Ian.

Until now.

Working mum said...

Hope you two had a lovely Christmas.

I've awarded you my 'Blog of Distinction' Award if you want to pick it up from my place.

PS I see you read my good friend Craig McGinty (he is my daughter's godfather). Small world!

Single Parent Dad said...

Tismee - And that was a quiet day!

Laura - He is quite the snake hips.

Mama Nabi - Thanks.

Harassedmom - And he won't be sung over either!

Susan - We'll take either.

Xbox - Cheers, more Britain's Got Talent me thinks.

Roads - That is the only way to do WHAM, by stealth.

Working mum - We did. Will be over. (I met Craig at a local book launch)

Susanna (A Modern Mother) said...

Hope you have a good New Year!

Anonymous said...

Aw, super cute! Looks like Max is ready for a haircut, although it might impact his rock star image. Happy New Year!

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