Tuesday, 9 December 2008

This Time Last Year

A lot has occurred over the last 12 months, and a great deal has been achieved.

Amongst our accomplishments in the last 365 have been toilet training, dummy dropping and building a new house.

The process of planning, arranging and organising a self-build project has been a lengthy, yet worthwhile experience.

At the start of this week a year ago, the physical work was commencing on the site.

The lines were actually being drawn.

A year on, and on the anniversary of dragging the site, I spent the beginning of this week chaotically picking up furniture, and then putting it together to get the final room of the house into shape.

This was a very different sort of stress to that of last year, when I really did not know what to expect, and I was having to deal with nosey and narked neighbours, on top of project managing the site.

The roller coaster of seeing something planned on paper come to fruition is a marvellous, yet sometimes traumatic, thing.

I find it difficult to remember when, and how things happened. This is one of the reasons I am glad that a took a shed-load of pictures, and kept a regular update of the goings-on.

Filling the property with colour, furniture, a kitchen and bathrooms was not something I worried myself with dreadfully at the start of the project.

It was more important to get things moving. Finally get everything agreed with the planners, the architect and the builder.

Once we were on our way, I soon got stuck into that side of it, giving sufficient attention to detail to achieve a look in each part of the house that I am now happy with.

Finishing rooms off has been a very positive experience, the spaces seemed to get bigger as they were furnished – I know that does not make any sense – and even touches like the right light shades can absolutely change or make an environment better.

I was delighted with my choice of bulb coverer for the hall, which was the last area to be tackled.

It had become the holding, or dumping, zone for the house. Which I suppose is the function it should perform really.

Yet because it was not properly furnished, it was a mess, and not a good start to find right behind the front door.

But now it is transformed into one of the best parts of our home, and certainly one of the most functional.

I found the perfect wardrobe to act as coat, hat, shoe and wellington storage.

The office-under-the-stairs works very well.

There is still amply room for our retro electronic games table.

And to top it off, the fish tank looks at home in its new position.

So 12 months on from last year, bar tinkering and probably some additions to the internal walls, we are finished.

Ready now for Max’s 4th birthday, and Christ’s two thousand and eighth. Share/Save/Bookmark


Xbox4NappyRash said...

That's a great point from which to look back at the year and the progress.

Single Parent Dad said...

Xbox - It is, and I never really realised it, until I was half-way through a busy day of fetching and assembing.

Penelope said...

What a fabulous year you have both had! You should rightly feel very proud.

Dan said...

I'd love to build my own house. I have visions of a beautiful stained glass window/wall and a enclosed courtyard/finch Avery.

Then I look at my bank account. Oh well.

Single Parent Dad said...

Penelope - Thanks and we do, just a bit.

Dan - Brilliant experience, and I even incorporated my own stain glass window design into it. The money is a big issue, but it always is buying a gaff. I still think, if you build to live in, the costs 'should' be less than buying the equivalent. I actually know a guy who has now built two houses in your neck of the woods.

Shelley @ SIMPLE Reviews said...

I love that last line of your blog :)

Snickollet said...

What a year! To have built a house would be enough, but you also managed toilet training and dummy dropping?! Seriously, you two are unstoppable. I can't even begin to imagine what you will be doing in 2009. Relaxing, I hope.

harassedmomsramblings said...

It has indeed been a good year for you and Max!!!

Building your own home is pretty amazing!!

T said...

WOW! That's quite an accomplishment in one year. Congratulations on the new digs!

Single Parent Dad said...

Shelly - Hi and thank you, I typed it myself and everything.

Snickollet - The much bigger challenge of getting more money in, without untold damage on our family life is schedule for 09.

Harassedmom - It is brilliant. But don't think we shall be doing it again.

T - Thanks, they are lovely.

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