Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Cracking, Or Popping, Candy

My Parma Violet eating little monkey, got his taste buds well and truly tested last week.

It was my little pay back for him finding my sweet stash, with the help of one of his visiting chums.

I had a cracking selection of sweets amongst my many Christmas gifts, all retro stuff.

Cool sweets from yester-year that various on-line firms now charge a premium for, but luckily not to me, as these were a gift.

That reminds me, I need to look to order some replenishment stock for my gumball machine.

Withing my little candy treasure chest were a couple of packets of Fizz Wizz - popping candy.

I thought it would be funny to subject my child to them, a sneaky lesson, hopefully learning it does not always pay to stick your nose into my stuff.

Not sure it had the desired effect, but it made me giggle like a girl.

And with the hopeful arrival of a new phone this week, these little videos - should they continue - will be of a much higher quality, in picture and sound, if not in content!



Tismee2 said...

Woooooo new phone eh? Have to say I miss the camera functions on my iPhone. It's not as good as what I had before.

Fizz Wizz! Have you had Magical Elves bars this winter? Small dairy milks but with popping candy in them? I love them and have had great fun scoffing them on the walk to the car after shopping (see - sneaky again!)

I can't see the video at work so will have to look later.

Robert said...

Amusing video clip. I must try that on my 3 year old. I'll probably post it next week. Copying is the most sincere form of flattery... I've got a Sony Ericsson mobile & the video quality is pretty good - for utube type clips, anyway.

Single Parent Dad said...

Tismee - Indeed, I have just finished setting it up, and updating my phone insurance, I am SOOOOOOOO organised/putting off doing other stuff.

As it happens, I ate a fizzy elf last night, was in one of Max's selection packs, but thought I'd save him from it after this whole incident.

I am a brilliant parent

Robert - It sure is, and I take it that way. That was on done a K800i, which I have replaced, just this second, with a C905, my messing about already looks a lot better quality.

Kori said...

It isn't the same as the magiv elf or whatever you called it, but there is a kind of chocolate here that has something like that in it, only they are nuggests, not a bar, and Owen LOVES them. He thinks they are the best candy ever, and watching him does make me giggle like a girl, too. Only, you know, I AM a girl so it isn't as odd.

Zoeyjane said...

I laughed and then Isobel did. And then she wanted some candy. This is two strikes, my friend. :P

Mama Nabi said...

"is it too lively for you?"

Hah! Love that question. Love popping candy, so much fun! He's such a darling!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hee hee, I love his face on that. I may have to get some for Miss M. And you have a wicked laugh. :D

Single Parent Dad said...

Kori - Yeah, definitely less odd than me.

Zoeyjane - Normal service will be resume tomorrow, 9.00 UK time, whatever O'Clock Canadian.

Mama Nabi - Thank you, glad you liked my quizzing.

Jo Beaufoix - I am growing aware of a girly snort. Max's laugh, however, is mint.

Penelope said...

You weren't kidding about giggling like a girl huh?!
Is this stuff like "Star Dust"? (Is that what it was called?) I don't remember popping candy, and we all know that I am SO much older than you, so I should ;o)

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