Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Every Loser Wins

No, I am not Nick Berry, and that is not really a technically sound statement.

But, remember last week, when my little clever clogs was the real winner in our wrestling match?


He fancied a rematch.

Same terms, except this time the prize - of chocolate - didn't have to be on a biscuit.

And, as an aside, my ass has promised me a postcard from the holiday it is taking from my trousers.

And an apology for the roughness of the cut, but adding simple titles, made the actual video stutter on YouTube.

Thanks to VioletPosy for her efforts on trying to help me out via Twitter Share/Save/Bookmark


Single Mom Seeking said...

Oh my goodness, your accent, his giggle... I love it.

Zoeyjane said...

I laughed out loud.

Tawny said...

That is very cool, I love that pure laugh of joy from Max!

Canadian Bald Guy said...

There isn't much greater sound in the world than the one of your own child laughing like that. Great vid.

Penelope said...

If you could just find a way to bottle that child's giggles! Fantastic!
By the way, your fly was undone ;o)

Nicola said...

Your initial wrestling post made me ponder when the last time I wrestled with the kids was...but the video made me promise myself to just get on with it and roll around with them tonight. I know they are going to love it. Thanks for the inspiration!

Single Parent Dad said...

Single Mom Seeking - Finally, someone who doesn't think it makes me sound slow.

Zoeyjane - He He.

Tawny - That's laughter of fear you hear ;-)

Canadian Bald Guy - Cheers, and I totally agree.

Penelope - I know, and I know. It was scruffy day, we'd been in the garden.

Nicola - No worries, and good luck!

Laura said...

That is the cutest thing ever! I giggled the whole way thro!

Its kinda a cute ass just so by the way ;-p

Miss said...

That laugh is addicting!

And thanks for the full frontal yo! I feel like I know you much better now.

T said...

I just did this last night with my two. They were all over me!! Its no fair to be outnumbered. (But much more fun!)

Their favorite is the "invisible tickle"... its the mere threat of a tickle that gets them all up in giggles. Aren't kiddie giggles the best?

And yes, I do agree with Miss... I do feel much closer to you now.


Tismee2 said...

I'm going to call you Bob the builders bum from now on!

I sat grinning all the way through. I defy anyone not to with all that giggling.

Single Parent Dad said...

Laura - Cool. And are you on the same holiday ?

Miss - I know.

I was going to say it's no big thing, but feel that wouldn't be doing myself justice.

T - Invisible tickles are fab.

Tismee2 - Bad trouser choice for that vid. But I'm glad you giggled whatever the reason.

Ms Single Mama said...

Is your fly unbuttoned?

That was awesome.

Favorite part - Max throwing something at you in the end, only b/c Benjamin does the same thing with nearly the same look on his face.

Vicious little shits. : )

Single Parent Dad said...

Ms Single Mama - It sure was eagle-eye.

It was a flying Marvel Superhero, watch out for them bad-boys.

Jen said...

This was great!! I laughed out loud while watching!!!
There is nothing like the innocence of giggles.

Mama Nabi said...

Gotta love the kiddie giggles. Now, off to wrestle my own into the bath...

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