Sunday, 4 January 2009

Slippery Funny Fellow

Now, if I drop my child because he makes me laugh so very hard, is it technically his fault?

Not that I like playing the blame game.

Bathing your kid gets progressively easier, well it has for me.

I can remember way back when we were at parenting class, and I was asking daft perfectly reasonable questions.

The last lesson, lecture, advice or whatever they were calling them, was actually held on the maternity ward, and was to demonstrate how to bathe your newborn.

I was particularly interested in this, as knowing that it was likely that Samantha would find it a physically impossibility early-doors, it would be my job by default.

Yet, after watching an experienced woman wash a slippery one-footer, admittedly without accident, but with more warnings than you get on a packet of cigarettes, it prompted great fear, and one of my little enquiries, that the rest of the class – bar my wife – seemed to enjoy. 

‘Why can’t we just put them in the shower?’

Seemed totally reasonable to me, and still does, if you can regulate the temperature of course.

As time has gone on, bath time has got easier, and more enjoyable.

Our set-up now, is perfect for Junior. 1850 bath tub, centre taps with shower attachment. 2 bar constant pressure on the hot water. Perfect.

We play various different roles, and have different entertainment regimes that we go through.

I have to transformer into various folk, especially when lifting, or saving, my boy from the water.

Last night, and as I am still in laid-back mode, we were a little later in the bath than usual.

Which, in turn, meant that we did not come back downstairs, for a warm in front of our wood burner.

Instead it was straight to my son’s room, which was by no means cold, but certainly a lot colder than his usually post bathtub surroundings.

“I’m cold Daddy.” Max exclaimed.

Then a firm yes from me, to the question “Are you warm Daddy?”

Next came;

“Can I have some of your skin then?”

It is the closest I have come to dropping him for sometime. Share/Save/Bookmark


Working mum said...

Oh, I love a child's logic! Made me smile.

Zoeyjane said...

I would have assumed he'd have thought of fur, first. This was a good post to wake up to!

Tismee2 said...

I'm still chuckling at the shower question!

Yes babies are slippery blighters aren't they? I have a friend who didn't put hers in a bath for three weeks because she was too scared she would drop her baby. It was only when I was round there at bathtime she admitted it and asked me to show her.

Tonight mine almost killed me - he was lying under the water when I went in with his pj's - apparently practicing holding his breath for his next swimming lesson!

Dan said...

And you didn't give him any? you selfish swine.

We have somehow developed a post bath routine of straight out of the bath and then straight onto mum and dads bed for a bounce. Not the best way to wind down for bed admittedly but it's fun

Jo Beaufoix said...

That is just fantastic. I love the stuff they say. Miss E is 8 and still comes out with some fabulous stuff, and Miss M informed me tonight that she had been in my tummy and her big sister had been in Daddy's. I put her right then quickly got on with a story. :D

Single Parent Dad said...

Working mum - Logic?

Zoeyjane - Maybe he'll be in PETA.

Tismess - You, and the rest of our class.

Dan - You've got me locked. And bathtime followed by bouncetime, seems purrfect to me.

Jo Beaufoix - And they speak with such authority, funny as.

T said...

Wow. That is greatness. Thank you for sharing his wise words. I need some of your skin too! (Hmmm... doesn't sound quite the same, does it?)


Laura said...

How totally cute is that!! And it makes perfect sense :)

Penelope said...

There is nothing more scary than bathing a new born! I missed the classes because Master P wanted to make his grand entrance so early but last year got to have another go with my latest nephew. Scary! I'd rather bath a puppy!

Mama Nabi said...

I remember how frightened I used to be while bathing LN... slippery and flailing.

I hope you shared your skin with Master Max... I mean, isn't that part of being a dad? Right?

dadshouse said...

I like your shower idea. When I was married and our kids were tiny, my wife and I would take them in the shower - all of us together! One parent held the child, the other washed them. Not quite as fun as showering with my wife without the kids, but it worked.

(Now I'm divorced, and my kids are teens, and there's no way I'm getting near a shower with them!)

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