Friday, 23 January 2009

We Are Both Winners

That we are, that we are.

My boy’s words, echoed by my good self soon afterwards.

He does not like losing, I have yet to find a toddler that does, but I am trying to teach him to be gracious in defeat, yet, not fear it.

His development is coming on nicely.

And he is adapting his philosophy to suit himself, a very active mind, I think.

Tonight in the swimming baths we were playing Marvel Superheroes, Ben 10 and similar.

We had to choose characters from the good sides of these respective works of fiction, and then collaborate together to save the Universe, or more accurately, the swimming baths we were in.

There was to be no racing, because as my son so eloquently and accurately put it, we are both winners, and therefore contests of speed within water were completely unnecessary.

So we stuck to bomb disposal, ridding caves of monsters, and jumping in off the side – not quite sure how that was saving anyone though.

Then later on this evening, after a naughty chip shop tea, it was time for a bath.

I used one of my regular tactics, of losing a race up the stairs to get him to the top of them.

And tonight I tried a new tactic for getting him into the tub.

We have been wrestling a bit, while the taps run, passing the time, and attempting to use up whatever energy the little one has left.

Mind, even the Duracell Bunny has nothing on most four-year-olds.

But seeing as I have a three foot advantage, and a *cough* 13 stone *cough* weight differential, I have been rather on top in the grappling stakes.

I suggested whoever won our next bout, got to put the other, head first, into the bath.

My giggling little treasure agreed, and duly lost, after a valiant effort I must type.

However, before I got to dangle him into our, or his, bath, he talked me into one final battle.

Yet this time, he was setting the prize.

As I am currently undefeated in about 50 rounds, the odds were stacked a bit in my favour.

I thought this was brave, but also a bit dim, but then I had not given him enough credit.

“Daddy, this time, whoever loses gets a chocolate biscuit when we go downstairs.”

Well played son, well played.

Shame we did not have any chocolate biscuits. Share/Save/Bookmark


Not a soccer mom said...

You seem to be such a wonderful father. So few fathers (in my experience) realize the importance of just being available and 'at thier level'. Kudos to you.
What a lucky guy.

Zoeyjane said...

Did the cookies go missing into the 13 stone? (damn conversion, I thought 'that can't be much difference, why is he ahemming?' then I figured it out.

He's got an awesome bartering future coming...

Penelope said...

Ha! A proper chip off the old block huh?

Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

That's one smart boy.

Laura said...

You make parenting sound like such fun!

Got me thinking if it is more fun with a dad than with a mom?

Do moms stress more about things dads seem to let go?

Tismee2 said...

Winners and swimmers eh?

So what Ben 10 monster were you?

Mama Nabi said...

Hm. There should be a do-over if the requested prize isn't available. What kind of a household has no chocolate biscuits?

Single Parent Dad said...

Not a soccer mom - Thanks for your kind words. I know a fair few dads that 'get it' but I sadly know an, at least equal number, that don't.

Zoeyjane - They sure did. And he sure has.

Penelope - It's a shame isn't it?

Coding Mamma - Too sharp.

Laura - Parenting is fun, when your kids are healthy. I don't know I can get stressed and worry, just like those of the opposite sex.

Tismee - Well, I think I was Heatblast, but I could be wrong, will check with Junior.

Mama Nabi - We're more of a ginger nut family, not sure where his chocolate biscuit prize came from

Expat mum said...

Lovely. You need kitchen stuff to get him into the bath. For some reason, kids love to mix and pour etc. so I always let my little one choose from the jugs, wooden spoons and funnels, whatever he wants to have in the bath. Failing that, we have a row of little plastic penguins just waiting to dive in, just like he sees on Animal Planet!

Susanna said...

Fast learner, a chip of the old block?!

Single Parent Dad said...

Expat Mum - Top tips there, but I don't think I could stomach any more bath time toys, we have the lot. Watering can, wind-up fish, Marvel Super Heroes squirters, crabs, shark, captain, diver, various boats. Max loves the bath, but he also loves the 'game' of getting him in it!

Susanna - Not for me to say, but, maybe ;-)

Kevin Spencer said...

I have some bloody great memories of swimming with my Dad when I was a wee nipper. I remember every time we went on holiday he used to take us out into the sea and we'd go quite far out.

Actually looking back on it, what the hell was he thinking taking us out that far? What if the current caught us? ;-)

Jo Beaufoix said...

Oh he's good. Heh heh.

Leah said...

That story is glorious! I have just recently found your blog and love it. I am a single mum of 3 (plus one in heaven) and although are circumstances are different, I can see so much of my daily life in yours :0). I am always Four Arms cause I tickle so quickly ;0)

Single Parent Dad said...

Kevin - Maybe he wasn't thinking. It is overrated.

Jo - Not that good, have you seen his latest attempt?

Leah - Thank you. I hope you hang around, and yes. Four arms does make tickling easier!

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