Monday, 12 January 2009

You Complete Me

No, I am not a short-arsed scientologist make-up wearer.

Instead, being pretty much the polar opposite.

I am not even referring to someone of the fairer sex, doing their bit to make us a perfect stereotype.

I refer to my boy, the mini-colossus, the joy that is living, the fruit of a wonderful past and the owner of the smile that keeps my world revolving.

Sometime ago, I blogged about my child being my best mate, and that prompted some talk about the positives and the negatives.

It is important to keep the balance for me, and for others, I am sure.

Then there is a school of thought that does not like this practice at all.

A parent is a parent, first, foremost, and last, apparently.

I did not enrol into it.

Instead I try to balance being a mate, with being the authoritative-responsible-parenting type.

It is not that difficult to switch between, for me anyway.

But like any friendship, we do not always gel, and get our own way all of the time.

Sharing sweets is not one of my strong points.

My sister actually said in her speech at my wedding, that the best piece of advice I had ever given her was to always keep your sweets in your pocket.

My little treasure discovered this early on.

And his nack of mirroring the sweet things I like, has got on my nerves, at times.

But then this weekend, a moment, I will treasure, for a long time.

A discovery greater than any of Columbus’s

Max likes Parma Violets.

The one sugary treat, that litters the many wonderful variety bags that the geniuses at Swizzels Matlow give to our, but particularly, my, world.

We are as one.

One that should never waste a single sweetie again. Share/Save/Bookmark


Dan said...

I'm not a subscriber to the parents can't be a child's friend school of thought either.

A parent should always be fun too. We should always have a spark.

T said...

YUM! They look like Smarties which are my favorite too!

And yes, be his little and best bud. Why not?! Its not like you're allowing him to have full rule of the house. (You're not, right?)

Jo Beaufoix said...

I'm with you on this SPD. (Sorry, that makes you sound like a disease). Kids can be our buddies too.

And are you telling me you feed Charlie Parma Violets?

That's just wrong. Yack.

Single Parent Dad said...

Dan - We are both Daddy Pig wannabees!

T - Now we are talking. Your Smarties look more like Fizzers which I love. Parma Violets do not match their Wiki description, they should say taste like crap.

Jo Beaufoix - I am a disease. I don't feed 'Charlie' anything, but I have discovered my son Max, likes these yukky things ;-)

Penelope said...

Wow Parma Violets! I didn't know you could still get them.
I also agree about parents being good mates too. If you saw my kids and I together you would definitely question which of the 3 of us was the "grown up" ;o)

Liz@Violet Posy said...

I'm with you my daughter is my best friend too and I'm still her parent as well. I don't see how you can have a child a not be their friend, those are the parents who will wonder why their kids never visit when their older!

Parma Violets rock! Have you tried Violet Creme chocolates?? I never share those ;)

Tismee2 said...

Oooh Parma Violets - I haven't had them in ages, well since I last raided Alexander's party bag!

There are some wonderful sweets out there still. I bought some sasparilla tablets for the first tim in about 25 years the other week - and kept them well in MY pocket!

I have to admit it's Cadbury's mini eggs that I refuse point bank to share - even with the kids!

dadshouse said...

I love pal-ing around with my kids, but I actually think it's best for me to have my friends, and them to have their friends. Of course, my kids are older, so that makes sense.

We keep our sweets in a pillow case - still have a ton of Halloween candy in the house. Makes for nightly munching on the couch watching TV!

Mama Nabi said...

ah... the day LN is in love with a Tres Leche cake, I will know how you felt.

Single Parent Dad said...

Penelope - I could do an obvious age gag here, but fear that would be pushing it too far.

Liz - Max is my best friend, and I'm his part-time. When his other chums are not around. Parma Violets are horrible, don't think I've tried them, unless they are After Eight like.

Tismee - I love raiding party bags. I know another northener who won't share their mini eggs too.

Dadshouse - Oh yes. As mentioned above I am very much a part time best friend. And as for sweets I have to hide mine, until I am on my own.

Mama Nabi - I am not on my own then.

Ms. Single Mama said...

What a sweet, sweet post.

I had the same reaction when I called Benjamin my soul mate once... but whatever- we are single parents so we are therefore tighter with our children by default.

No apologies here.

Laura said...

I think when are a single parent the whole parent dynamic changes and its very hard not to be your childs friend!!!!

Sweets are my hugest hugest downfall!

Jen said...

I have been a "lurker" for quite some time. Truely love your entries, but this I can certainly relate to. I have a hard time sharing food with anyone, especially treats:)

Single Parent Dad said...

Ms Single Mama - Thanks for your lovely comment, and for linking to this post too.

Laura - Aren't they everyone's

Jen - Thanks for your comment. Sweets, they bring us all together!

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