Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Baby Bonding

I mentioned my best friends, on my last post, and the fact that they have two daughters.

Their first is less than a year younger than Max, and due to that she has spent an awful lot in our, or my, company.

We have a very good relationship, as does my boy with her parents, and it is important, to allow our two families to continue to enjoy each other into the future.

My chums' second bundle of joy has been more of a challenge. Partly because she is a tad reluctant with adults other than her folks, but mostly, I hoped, because we have not spent as much time together as I have with her big sister.

Then, last Friday, during our latest visit to them, our relationship blossomed.

I was absolutely delighted, she is a real pleasure, just learning to walk and has an interest in everything. Keeps the older two on their toes, and they do not even realise.

There is something quite dizzying in the approval of a child, a great feeling, made greater by this wonderful girl's importance to me.

Everyone was happy, even an ever-so-slightly-jealous Max - after I agreed to have a picture taken with him too.

We are ALL good friends, and long may it continue.

And while we are at, I would not advise messing with, or getting in the way of, this innocent looking trio.

And if you look closely, you can see Max is still clutching his choice of doll. Share/Save/Bookmark


Tawny said...

So cute! My nephews both had dolls too, same as K's favourite toy at one point was hot wheels!

T said...

Aw!! Now that's CUTE.

Violet said...

I can't quite make out what kind of doll it is. It's not purple-y pink enough to be a My Little Pony, and not blonde enough to be a Barbie. Is it a Bratz?

laura said...

Oh man I am loving all this very cute photos (of the kiddies of course) :)

Bee and Rose said...

You just want to scoop them all up and smother them with hugs and kisses! Adorable darlings, they are!

My son used to carry around a black cat constantly. He also loved Build A Bear Workshop. Now it's his electric guitar, iPod and the video game controller that's permanently attached to his body!

The baby bonding photo captures such a tender moment!

Penelope said...

I know exactly what you mean about a child's approval. Knowing that you are "special" to them, even though they are not your own is a great feeling.
By the way, in that picture of you and look about 12! ;o)

The Dotterel said...

Yeah, and isn't Max a chip of the old block eh?

dadshouse said...

You guys are sporting some seriously long hair - like an Italian Serie A soccer start. Andrea Pirlo of AC Milan, maybe? My son has hair like that, too. He now has to wear an athletic skull cap when he does sports, to keep the hair out of his eyes!

Bonding with young kids is tons of fun.

Single Parent Dad said...

Tawny - Thanks, Hot Wheels, one of my favourites

T - Thank you

Violet - I'm open minded, but not interested in them myself! However I don't think it was a Bratz.

Laura - Of course :-)

Bee and Rose - They are indeed. And it does.

Penelope - I know. And I thought we'd called a truce on age gags?

The Dotterel - Poor lad.

Dadshouse - They're our winter coats. Pirlo? Maybe. Hope Max plays like him, I certainly don't.

Robert said...

Bonding with kids IS special. Since they don't have much in the way of language, you can't lie to them. They are born with an understanding of body language, & few people can manipulate that. That is how little kids know who is good and who to avoid. You're obviously one of the former category!

Susan said...

I read your post regularly and love it - usually makes me laugh. This recent one - you and your son look so much alike and he looks so happy. Your a good daddy. Babies/toddlers can be stand offish when they want to be :) But watch out if they like ya ;)

Bush Mummy said...

Photo tag for you at mine.. sorry if you've had it already!


Single Parent Dad said...

Robert - Thanks, and I hope so.

Susan - Thank you for reading, and what a lovely comment to leave.

Bush Mummy - Will be across, but will warn you I am rubbish at getting on board with the tag/meme thing.

Mama Nabi said...

Aw. It's so cute to see the kids bonding. You all look so content and happy!

Tismee2 said...

They look very innocent and endearing. Don't tell me, minutes later they were each others faces off and wailing like banshees.

I like Max's hair long. My Alexander's has always been longer than the average cut around here. he looks like a thug with a crop!

modernsinglemomma said...

Oh my gosh, Ian! You look so much like my brother in law! ha!
love these pics.

Single Parent Dad said...

Mama Nabi - Thank you, and we are.

Tismee - They were OK until arguing over breakfast I think.

Modernsinglemomma - Poor guy.

MM said...

I would not mess with that trio :) I am loving the hair style Max has, I know I should take the terrortot to the hairdresser (he has slightly curly hair, I mistakenly once said that I had kinky hair, and now he'll tell everyone going that he has 'inky hair like mummy') but I love it long.
Terrortot thinks he is half sportacus/jedi & wrestles anyone who comes his way. Tho saying that he is very much in touch with his other side & tries to borrow my wigs/make up/heels/tutus at least once a week.
There is nothing as good as the moment when a child looks at you & you know they're thinking 'ok, you'll do. . .'

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