Monday, 2 February 2009

Poorly Boys

I hate the word ‘hate’, and it is used far too frequently for my liking, and therefore, as I type this, I have decided to go a different way.

Being unwell is not one of my favourite things.

I would go as far as saying I have a significant dislike of it.

This grows further when it gets in the way of stuff, exponentially, when that something, is celebrating a 60th birthday of someone very important to me, and us.

We should have spent Sunday, with around 25 others, celebrating my mother-in-law’s 60th, over a lunch in a private room at a very nice local hotel.

Something we have done for other grandparents’ birthdays.

But, instead, we spent this one exiting what our bodies decided they no longer needed, from opposite ends of our beings.

Max was ill on Saturday night, several times.

Vomiting followed by a very sweet, but sadly accurate, ‘I’m poorly Daddy.’

Luckily, or unlikely, he was already in bed with me, so I actually heard it coming.

And as he has had a runny nose for the last few days, I hoped it was just phlegm, which while foul, would hopefully mean once-up-and-out, he would be better.

But what I had on my hand, and eventually on my torso, was more a concoction of all things recently consumed.

A vile, yet very accurate description.

I decided to get in on the act in the early hours, but from the lower of the body's orifices.

Terrible timing.

But I am actually glad that we were both ill at the same time.

I hate loathe finding my child unwell, and have similar feelings towards attempting to parent when you, yourself, are under-the-weather.

We were both feeling terrible, and both of us more so, as we were going to miss the shindig.

But even the boy knew we were going nowhere.

We moved from bed, to our chair-and-half, and back again.

In-between watching various DVDs and kids TV, texting our latest health updates to those that wanted them.

After what seemed like the most energy consuming bath of all time, Junior was in bed well before normal time, and I was about an hour behind him.

Then this morning we both feel fine.

Well enough to eat breakfast, recovered enough to build a snowman, improved sufficiently to walk to the pub for lunch and return later to cook a casserole.

He would also be ready to return to nursery, if it was open, which it is not, so further behind we both shall fall.

But we are planning on having much more fun doing so. Share/Save/Bookmark


Xbox4NappyRash said...

That's really something that kind of baffles me.

I can handle looking after someone who's ill, I can handle being ill, but being ill and looking after someone else who's ill...


A braver man than I sir.

MM said...

Bless the pair of you, I had a similar experience over the weekend which involved not being able to go to the loo for 3hrs incase I woke the snot monster who had finally fallen asleep on me.
The next day he was fine & I wanted to overdose on calpol.
Enjoy joint sickness whilst it lasts!

Miss Grace said...

Hi, I'm found you through 3 bedroom bungalow. I hate the word hate and I can honestly say that I don't actually hate anyone. Hope your boy continues to be recovered.

Single Mom Seeking said...

You are one strong papa!! Wow, you even had the energy to make a casserole... amazing.

Mama Nabi said...

Ugh... being sick and taking care of a little sick one is... ugh. I ugh it. :-) I found that "disgust" is worse than "hate", i.e I don't hate my ex but he disgusts me.

Wishing both of you lovely lads speedy FULL recovery!

Zoeyjane said...

Sounds suspiciously like the two of you went on a bender and were suffering from the subsequent alcohol poisoning. Boys night out, gone wrong? I think so. Hope you're both 100% all better tomorrow, too.

Laura said...

I simple hate it when that happens!

It is aweful!!!

Glad it was just a 24 hour thing though!!!

Leah said...

I feel for you - nothing worse than being sick with no back-up. And gastro is the pits...
Glad you're on the mend!

The Dotterel said...

Could be worse, y'know. Might be snowing! (It is?)

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

I really don't like the word hate either. I wasn't allowed to say it as a child and I try to dissuade our two boys from saying it. It's such a strong word.

Shame you missed the party but glad you were both feeling well enough to enjoy the excellent snow.

Kerrie said...

Oh you poor possums, that's no fun at all. It's hard enough parenting when you are ill but parenting an ill child too...yikes.

Hoping you are both doing okay now, tummy bugs are wretched things.

Single Parent Dad said...

Xbox - It is a case of having little alternative, and he was a relative pleasure.

MM - Not nice. That snot monster has a lot to answer for.

Miss Grace - And welcome you are too. Glad we share a common dislike of that word.

Single Mom Seeking - Thank you. But I was better, and it is only chopping up veg, searing off some meat/onions and slapping it all in the oven.

Mama Nabi - Disgust is a much more accurate word.

Zoeyjane - Kindof. I think we picked it up from friends, when we were over there on Friday.

Laura - Me too.

Leah - Thank you.

The Dotterel - Indeed, oh.....

Amanda - I'm the same. I always think well would you say love as the opposite?

Kerrie - We are both fighting fit, thanks for your comment.

Susan said...

I think vomit and diarrhea warrants the use of "hate"! Blech. It's tough trying to take care of a little one when you feel that way, too. But glad to hear you're both doing better.

(And so sorry I had to use the V, D and H words in the same sentence. As my son would say: "Am I bad?")


Single Parent Dad said...

Susan - Very naughty, but I forgive you.

Jackie said...

Being ill as the little ones share the same fate is my least favourite thing. I would prefer to be 'ralfed' AND pooped on but remain able to care for their issues anyday! Lots of empathy from me....

Single Parent Dad said...

Jackie - Thank you. I think I should have worded my post better. I was grateful that while I was ill, Max was too and not too bad either, so we got it out of the way together rather than have a collective of crappy days.

dadshouse said...

It's tough when a single parent's kids get sick, and even tougher when the single parent falls ill too.

Did the snowman get the sniffles?

Hope you're all better.

Working mum said...

What a shame you were both ill. Hope you are feeling better now and the snowman helped!

BiblioMom said...

I hate feeling ill when my daughters are fine. At least if we're all sick we can chill together. A couple of Sundays ago I got ill and my girls were fine. I crawled into bed for "a few minutes" which became all afternoon. I honestly couldn't move. I felt like such a horrible Mommy and I'm lucky that they are far enough apart in age where my 9 year old can little sister wrangle for awhile.

I totally feel your pain but I'm glad you're all feeling better.

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