Monday, 16 February 2009

School's Out

Or in Max’s case, the nursery that forms part of the school is closed, for half-term. The week long holidays sandwiched in the middle of each of our three school terms, hence, referred to as half-terms.

It means Max will be at home this week, and we shall be reverting to the days, as they were pre-nursery.

I find it strange that I, or we, now rely on the nursery, and that we both enjoy the fact that Junior goes to it.

It is strange as we had such an enjoyable routine before it, which is really not all that long ago.

I would say we had a fairly regular routine, and day-by-day activity itinerary.

There was even habitual ‘Gay Tuesdays’.

Our regularly schedule was blissfully, and wilfully, interrupted by ad-hoc days out, and longer trips away.

And while I was treasuring every day that went on, I knew it was best for both of us that it did not continue forever.

His assimilation into a new normal was crafted with both of us in mind.

He has always gone in the middle of the week, so we can still take extended weekend breaks, without having to take time off and waste money on an unused nursery place.

We are lucky that his nursery accommodates days, rather than the more usual morning or afternoon sessions.

Going five times a week, for 150 minute sessions does not seem the best way to do it for me, and certainly not us.

So instead Max uses up his free nursery sessions together, coupled with a chargeable lunch hour, to produce six hour sessions.

Better for me, him, and us as a collective.

Nursery has proved to be fabulous for my boy’s development, has also been the place that many friendships have been formed, and from where our whole integration within the village has centred.

I am really looking forward to this week off, and we shall be getting up to similar things, and with similar folks, as we did in October.

This in itself is a complete 180, as before they were a ‘holiday’ they were an inconvenience, many of our regular activities were cancelled due to half-term, or were made less enjoyable by an abundance of bigger children.

However, as enjoyable as I am sure this week turns out to be, I am also certain, by the end of it, I will be ready for us to return to our current normal.

And therefore, will be deleting this post in about seven days from now.

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Penelope said...

Ha! I know exactly what you mean! I look forward to the lack of routine during holidays and then can't wait for the Lil P's to get back to school so I can go to work for a rest!
Have a great week - we're off to The Boonies for a few days :o)

Mel said...

I have just found your blog via Twitter and love it!
I agree the lack of routine seems great until the novelty wears off. Alas my two children have different half terms so we have not had a proper one. Roll on September where 2/3 will be in the same place and I can get some proper work done. Enjoy your holiday together.

MindyMom said...

Enjoy your week on the alternate schedule. Your little guy is adorable!

T said...

Sometimes we need a break from our normal, right? Just to appreciate the normal more!

Have fun with Max!

Not a soccer mom said...

After raising my children nearly 100% on my own, It is so sweet to see and read about your relationship with your son. Not only are you a very involved father but you also think ahead and wonder.
I have not seen many fathers that take on the role as wholehearted as you. He is a beautiful and very lucky little boy.
Someday he will return the favors.
Keep up the good work. Shani

Tismee2 said...

I have rarely had the pleasure of half terms with the kids. I have to pay my childminder regardless and since all the other kids are there Alexander just wants to be there with them!

So I tend to take my holidays during school time when I can go out and enjoy something myself.

Enjoy the week!

dadshouse said...

What's with the cow milking pic? Is that part of the non-nursery normal routine?

Single Parent Dad said...

Penelope - Exactly right, enjoy your trip.

Mel - Thank you, you too.

Mindymom - Why thanks.

T - Indeed. And I will.

Not a soccer mom - I am just doing what comes naturally.

Tismee - Kids love kids, don't they?

Dadshouse - You've got it.

Bee and Rose said...

I am loving that picture! As a homeschool mom, I get to determine our schedule:) We spend lots of time together this way and I love that! (But I have to say thank heavens for Nana and Papa when Mama needs a break!)

Enjoy your holiday! (and again...adorable photo of the cutie pie!)

Tara@Sticky Fingers said...

I have recently quit my job and was quite looking forward to a week with the children just messing around together and baking cakes and going for walks.
But they begged me BEGGED me to let them go to holiday club (it's run by the people who do the after school club at school)!
I'm quite hurt - am I that boring!
They compromised and said they would just go for 3 mornings and then do 'mummy stuff' after!

Canadian Bald Guy said...

I would think that if you're a young boy, there's not many things cooler than milking a cow. Nice.

Enjoy your week. Sounds like you guys will have a blast.

Single Parent Dad said...

Bee and Rose - So do you have your own half-term?

Tara - No. It is just that holiday club is very, very exciting. Enjoy you mummy stuff.

Canadian Bald Guy - Indeed. But maybe taking a lightsaber to a cow's udders would be a bit cooler, for a four-year-old.

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