Thursday, 12 February 2009

Solutions, Read, New Problems, Or Is That Opportunities?

The speed of child development has often left me astounded, mind you, I am also usually left dumb-struck if given a surprise pick ‘n’ mix, so draw want you want from that.

My least favourite part of the parenting protocol has undoubtedly been toilet training.

Getting my boy out of nappies, and performing his bodily functions in to more suitable receptacles has driven me slightly mad.

I have growled and everything.

Through my own ineptitude, caressed with a smidgen of my lad’s lazy attitude, it was a long process, not without its problems, and Vanish pre-wash treatment.

It started way back, November 2007 according to my blog research.

Throughout the whole process, and right from the start, Max would prove his ability to control his bodily functions, only to have occasions where he would get his priorities a tad wrong.

Like, watching a particularly enthralling segment of Cbeebies trumping a W/C visit.

Trumping being an appropriate word on a couple of levels.

Eventual, regular triumph, in the pee-pee and doo-doo departments were much more relief, than accomplishment, for me.

Again. Relief. Meanings. Many.

Praise was heaped on Junior in as big a measure as I could muster. And I hope his overriding sense was the opposite of mine.

At the time I, or we, stopped short of going through the night without absorbent genital shrouds.

There were a couple of failed attempts, after he showed some form.

But after consultation with some of the parents I respect around these parts, I decided that it may be a while before this was going to be possible for my son, and that was by no means a problem at three years of age.

Instead, I have waited patiently, and continued to buy sleep shorts, or night nappies, and have been astounded by the age group they go up to, but a little appalled that they did go as far as a size 31.

They are not cheap either, even thought I would buy on price rather than brand, and look out for any offers on alternative products.

So I was looking forward to night time advancement from a financial perspective too.

Towards the end of last year, and, well right at the end of last year, I put my child to bed in no more than his PJs.

I was only part conscious of it at the time, so it was collective of good luck and judgement.

I became very aware of it, when I heard my boy make his way for my room and bed.

He actually got up, ignored his own toilet/en-suite, made for the main bathroom, and then on to my bedroom, rather than returning to his own.

As I was delighted with this, I let him settle in my bed, deciding to allow this as a necessary by-product, that could be corrected, if not naturally, in the future.

It might sound a little weird, and a strange path for someone to take, rather than just use the facility only a few feet/metres/yards (delete as appropriate) from your bed.

But I think I know why he took this action.

I leave the light on in his toilet, as it is an energy saver, and it doubles as a very good night light for his bedroom.

No one likes a bright light when they just get up, heck, Gizmo does not like them at any time.

So, he sauntered off in search of somewhere, or something, more appropriately lit, and as he was half-way there, why not swing a visit to his dad?

Except, I was yet to make it to my pit, so he acted as a novelty bed warmer.

Thing is, he has been doing it, albeit not consistently, ever since.

But, we have not had a single wet bed, instead we only get drizzled tiles, accuracy is a bit of a problem in the dark. Perhaps Avitable’s night vision goggles would have a use here.

I am glad I type these situations out, as it helps my limited thought process through to conclusion.

We have had a couple of nights since the new year, where he was in with me anyway, so I could keep a close eye on him, for whatever reason.

And if he had not made his way across two Sundays back, I would have been too far away from him to have limited the fall out from his latest bout of vomiting.

Thus, my conclusion, is not to worry about it too much.

Just keep cleaning the floor, for now, and encourage better precision.
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Laura said...

The joys of potty training!

If Kiara was dry I would let her lie in with me too - every night!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Sounds like great progress to me.

How about something 'floaty' that could act as a target in the toilet?

saif said...

nice site


MindyMom said...

Nice post! I too despise the potty-training days and am now in the process with my VERY resistant fourth child. You think it would be easier the fourth time around but she's dead set on going in a diaper instead of the potty. Ugh. I'm still waiting for her to decide she's ready so it's not such a struggle.

Penelope said...

On the subject of aiming - a ping pong ball floating in the water makes for a good game (a small rubber duck works too) and it stays afloat even whilst flushing!
Not my genius plan I'm afraid but my son's Nursey school (squillions of years ago) and it works pretty damn well :o)

Bee and Rose said...

Potty training is such joy...(hear my sarcasm?) I just let things develop on their own time and it all worked out fine:) I think that's because I was an "old" mom:) I just went with the flow of things...seriously, no pun intended! I figured as long as my son wasn't still wearing a diaper when he was driving, we were good! lol!

Canadian Bald Guy said...

My son is just over 2 years old and I'm dreading the potty-training process.

Things seemed so much easier with my now 10-year old daughter...sit and do your business.

With a boy...there's the whole "stand and aim" concept, which really doesn't become all that much easier when you get older.

Nice to see what I've got in store for me.

Ms. Single Mama said...

Same issues here.

I have growled as well... keep it up! And thanks for making me laugh my ass off. Toilet training is usually so mundane.

Shan said...

Hi ~ I just stumbled upon your blog and love it! You are such a talented writer! And I found so much that I could relate to! Thank you for sharing your heart so transparently. (and good luck with the potty training - been there too!)

Jackie said...

LOL I'm dealing with the 'potty pain' as well right now. It's not actually the potty or the process that is giving me trouble. It's his new found joy in dropping 'trou' whenever and wherever he happens to be. He takes an extreme amount of pleasure in peeing outside. Unfortunately, in his mind, 'outside' is often just beyond the threshold of the front door. A warm, wet welcome for any guests who happen to arrive before I am able to dispose of his proudly prepared puddle.
I agree that you need to chose your battles when it comes to sleeping arrangements. And isn't it so nice to snuggle up to a warm little body....instead of bemoaning the empty spot left where your spouse 'should' be? Both my kiddos sleep with me since Jeff died. I don't know how or when it'll change but for now, we all need each other in the same bed....And the convenience of being able to roll over and give a pat on the back when a nightmare visits instead of confusedly stumbling down a dark hallway to a crying child trumps single sleeping anyday in my book.

Soooooo sorry for the ridiculously long comment. I sort of 'went off'...

txmomx6 said...

Just a note to say hi.
I like your blog. My husband died 14 months ago ... our children are older than yours. I think you're doing a fabulous job.
That's my two cents anyway.

claires mom said...

Good to read this one.
Apparently I have to start night time training too as C now tells me she 'does NOT want to wear her diaper to bed anymore.'
I'll be looking fwd to developments with Max. Oh and C and I seem to go thru sharing bed phases. Right now we have a Friday night treat sleepover thing. Seems to work. Cause there's no one else in my bed on Friday nights. boo hoo.

Single Parent Dad said...

Laura - I'm not playing hard ball yet.

Xbox - Thing is, he would actually have to open his eyes, and the target illuminated for him to see it.

Saif - Thanks.

MindyMom - I am comforted that that the much more experience have trouble too.

Penelope - I've seen them, someone tried to sell the idea to Dragons Den, but Junior generally has his eyes closed.

Bee and Rose - Sounds like a good plan.

Canadian Bald Guy - Indeed. At 31 my aim is 'suspect' especially for night time calls.

Ms Single Mama - No worries, and...............Grrrrrrrrrr.

Shan - Thank you for your lovely comment.

Jackie - Marking out his territory! It is nice to have him in with me, and I understand. And you can leave as many words here as you like.

Txmomx6 - Thanks Janine, I am sorry for your loss, but thank you for your kind comment.

Claires mom - Stopped at a friends last night, and we shared a bed. He used the en-suite no problems, so I think he just needs to change his habits here. Good luck.

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