Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Day Of (No) Rest

Sundays used to be about doing the least amount possible, or at a minimum, starting the sobering up process of the previous two days’ excesses.

Of course the arrival of children obliterates what that schedule used to be about.

Instantly becoming a slave to their time-table, and the term lie-in has a new definition in a revised dictionary.

Something like; Lie-in : A parent gets an uninterrupted night’s sleep, having no need to set an alarm the night before. Will still be woken by a child.

Today has been a hectic Sunday.

We have been to two parties, and then on to the school’s annual Easter Egg Hunt around the village.

Luckily, and I use that term lightly, the first party started at 10.00, and the second at 11.30, with the hunt being from 14:00.

Yes, I am using military time, as that type of execution was required.

It meant for little clashing and that my son, and I, could get to all the places we wanted to be. I do not enjoy turning down invites for things that he and I would enjoy.

The first party was simple. At a soft-play place about a 20 minute drive from here. Just needed to remember child and present for that one.

I say it was simple, but as the clocks went forward last night, I was a little confused setting my alarm last night, as I was unsure if my phone would auto update overnight, and in case it did not, what time did I need to set my alarm for?

Easily confused me, but not as much as some parents, which I shall come to.

I set another alarm for 07:00, the new 08:00, just in case. But I was awake anyway when both alarms went off.

Max had a great time at the first party, and I knew the present would be well received as I had discussed it with the party boy’s parents.

The best bit was the organised games and dancing. It was great to see a group, predominantly of four and five year old boys, enjoy the dancing so much.

It was not so great to be roped in to ‘doing’ Black Lace’s Superman song. Especially when I got so lost in swimming, and my macho man impression, that it took me a while to work out my son had deserted me, hiding under the party table, no doubt in complete shame of his old man.

The second party was at our village hall, and of the fancy dress variety. Having checked in with Junior in the morning as to what he wanted to go as, I successfully managed to remember the Spiderman outfit, and he got changed in the hall car park, as we raced against another parent, who was also fitting in both parties, to see who could get there sooner.

That was also a blast.

We arrived just in time for his second lot of party food, which my son was, understandably, not that interested in.

But then he had a play on their bouncy castle before enjoying the various party games they had set up.

The car was then dumped at home, and we then had a walk round to the school, noticing various wooden eggs as we did.

Max still dressed as Spiderman.

There was a ‘choice’ of hunt at the school, a child and an adult version. There were both really linked together as the kids’ clues gave you the location of the eggs, and as well as each being a different colour and having a letter on, they were also adorned with a cryptic clue, for the adults to work out.

These clues were mostly trick number questions, like; If you have 17 chickens and all but 9 die, how many do you have left?

It was surprising that people were tricked each and every time, where as I was looking at them all as trick questions, immediately.

Maybe I am too cynical.

Some months have 31 days, how many have 28?

All of them.

If there are three apples and you take two, how many do you have?

Two, of course.

I actually enjoyed sharing, and explaining, my cynicism with a couple of the older kids that we had grouped up with.

Anyway, from the letters on all the eggs, we worked out that it was Scooby Doo that had kidnapped the Easter Bunny, and as a reward Max got a Smarties chocolate egg.

After a quick refreshment stop at the school, we were on our walk back home, so I could start preparing our tea, and this post, as it happens.

Max was having a chat with an older brother of one of his friend’s, about what they think had happened to Scooby Doo, the Easter villain.

My son suggested that Shaggy had perhaps told him off, and that all was then OK. The older lad suggested that Scooby had been given a ten-month stretch, and that should be enough time to put him off attempting a future theft of Easter Eggs, or anything else, for that matter.

I was amused.

My boy was not.

He got a bit upset at the thought of Scooby being locked up, and I had to spend most of our journey home reassuring him that this was not the case, and giving my best possible answers to questions about Scooby’s motives in the first place.

All very confusing.

But a great and packed-out day.

Hopefully tomorrow will be another good one, as we should get confirmation of my son’s place at the school.

So next year, I could be writing those clues.

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LC said...

We had 2 parties for the boy too. Football then soft play and 3 boys were at both.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Don't these parents know that Sunday is a rest day!!! Although it does sound like you've had a fun day.

CJ xx

Zoeyjane said...

Now you've gone and reminded me of Easter. Thanks for THAT. Off to find some dairy free, free-trade chocolate eggs, now.

The Dotterel said...

Oh NOOOOO! I've now got that damned Black Lace song going round my brain....

Millennium Housewife said...

Even though we didn't get any more sleep than usual, wasn't it strangely satisfying that the kids woke an hour later this morning?!

Laura said...

Oh I am going to miss my lazy Sundays... I better enjoy the next 5 months or so while I can! I slept in till noon today:)

Tismee2 said...

I was party mum today too, a football party no less, although I forgot about the hour lost and was pottering around thinking I had loads of time. Alexander fortunately scored two goals and a penalty kick - making my journey home a lot less troublesome.

That was followed by a spell at the beach playground and an ice cream - just to top up the sugar levels from the party bag of sweets and cake!

and you know, I enjoyed it all too.

We will miss our usual Easter Egg hunt as we will be en route to Florida at the time.

Hopefully Max will have an early night?

Maternal Tales said...

How old do children have to be when the parents finally do get a day of rest?? Will it ever happen? I can't remember what rest feels like...We had a superhero party yesterday and nothing planned today. A day of rest surely? Oh no, we ended up in A & E instead!

More than Just a Mother said...

Being a slave to The Routine, the clock change threw us so badly awry that the entire day was a disaster of over-tired babies and grumpy parents. Gina Ford doesn't dedicate so much as a paragraph to what to do when the clocks change, so I was all at sea. Sounds like you had fun though.
So how many chickens am I left with? My nappy brain can't cope with trick questions...

Penelope said...

I can't even say that this gets easier when they grow up! My teens' schedules on weekends have got ridiculous lately. Parties, cinema trips, sleepovers, you name it.
Ahh the joy of parenting - right? Right??! ;o)

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I loved the 'clues'. I have to admit I missed one or two (perhaps that's a sign I need more coffee??)
I pretty much never set an alarm since my little one gets up at the crack of dawn, which now that we've changed clocks is somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 am..
Sounds like a fun day out!

Catharine Withenay said...

Bizarrely, I love days like this! I know, at the end of it, my kids have had a great time, I've usually enjoyed it more than I thought I would the night before, and (best of all) by bedtime everyone sleeps soundly.

Although the clock going forward thing was rather baffling in our house too!

Single Parent Dad said...

LC - A busy day for you too.

CJ - It seems not, don't those lambs?

Zoeyjane - No worries, and if you don't find any, you could always carve some out of tofu.

The Dotterel - At least you don't have the image of me dancing to it.

Millennium Housewife - I was too pre-occupied with getting ready.

Laura - Just forget lie-ins full stop. And probably a good while before the birth.

Tismee - His bed time split the different by 1/2 hour.

Maternal Tales - Woopsy. Hope all is ok. And in answer to your first question, I prefer not to answer.

MTJAM - All but 9 die.

Penelope - Is that when I order the hilarious 'Dad's Taxi' sign for my car?

Blogging Mama Andrea - 5am, I comfortably get passed that, most days. And I set my alarm as a fail-safe and also as I know that is the point at which I need to start to get ready.

Catharine Withenay - I loved it too. And slept soundly.

Kevin Spencer said...

We get every other week to lie-in. My girlfriend's little one stays with her dad every other weekend as part of the custody agreement.

A Modern Mother said...

Wow that is quite a schedule. With three girls and social schedules the weekends get a bit tricky.

SciFi Dad said...

Holy Crap. I'm tired just from reading that.

clairesmom said...

What the heck is 'soft play' ?sounds a little risque...
lovin' the british lingo I'm picking up from this blog.

Amy said...

Heh, so true about the weekends and having children. My child is only 8mths old..but a LOT has changed!

Glad you guys had fun!

Badass Geek said...

What a busy weekend! I never get to sleep in, so I feel your pain.

rosiescribble said...

Sounds hectic - why is it that so many things end up falling on the same day?!!

Single Parent Dad said...

Kevin Spencer - Nice, but don't you find yourself waking anyway?

A Modern Mother - I bet.

SciFi Dad - My writing can do that ;-)

Clairesmom - He He. They are like massive indoor climbing areas that are 'soft'. Glad to be corrupting you with my Briticisms.

Amy - Thank you, and sadly it is true.

Badass Geek - Feeling your pain too Brother.

Rosie - The law of sod, which does not exist apparently.

Momo Fali said...

I had to laugh when you said he was hiding under the table. There will be MANY more opportunities for you to embarrass him and there won't always be someplace to hide!

Kat Wilder said...

One day, your kids will grow up and be teens, like mine is, and you'll not only get your Sundays back, but you'll be able to complete a conversation!

But ... I still kind of miss those sweet days

Part Mummy Part Me said...

Sounds like a fun, action-packed day. Any chance there's a video of you doing the Superman? I'll check YouTube...

My sister invented the 'reverse lie-in'. She has always been a single parent so this ingenious idea was born of necessity.

Basically, you fantasise about what time you would love to lie in until - say 10am - and consider the time your child will wake you - e.g. 7am.

You work out the time difference - in this case, 3 hours - and then go to bed that much earlier the previous night. So, if your usual bedtime is 11pm you'll go to bed 3 hours earlier at 8pm. Sad but true.

I've tried it myself and it feels almost as luxurious as a lie-in. But not quite.

Bee and Rose said...

You are a party rockstar! I can hardly manage the one party a day over a weekend! It sounds like it was truly a wonderful day! I'm lovin' the whole Spiderman costume!!! That is awesome!

Single Parent Dad said...

Momo Fali - Looking forward to that ongoing payback!

Kat Wilder - It is a huge small price to pay.

Part Mummy Part Me - I sincerely hope not. I may give that sleep in idea a go.

Bee and Rose - I love the kids parties, so much more than I love the grown up versions.

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