Thursday, 26 March 2009

I Am Such A Child

I do not watch much television, or more accurately, I do not watch many TV programmes.

Our TV set is pretty much always on, if we are in, it is a sort of OCD to switch it on, and I usually go straight for a music channel, unless I am led somewhere else by the smaller of our house’s occupants.

I prefer to watch music videos, rather than just listening to music itself at home, but do use Spotify on occasion, if I want to choose exactly what I am listening to, rather than settle for the random nature of whatever 4Music, or similar, puts out.

With music videos you can ignore them, as much as be entertained by them, while still listening to the actual music.

I have them on while I am typing this.

You might lose me for three minutes if this video comes on.

But as for actual TV programmes that I look forward to viewing. I do not believe there are many.

I like Shameless, the grim but hilarious goings on of the Chatsworth, a fictitious council housing estate, near Manchester.

Heroes is back at the moment too. And I like the darker nature of the current run.

And The Apprentice started again last night, which is as annoying as it is entertaining.

I am probably within the key demographics for all those shows.

But the programme I have probably most enjoyed recently is Skins.

It is in its third series, and I have watched, and enjoyed the other two.

They featured, as only a moderately important character, Dev Patel, he of Slumdog Millionaire stardom.

And started as a somewhat comic recollection of how a group of college students from Bristol lived a perceived cool and hedonistic existence.

Some more experienced comic actors have dropped in at various points, as parents or teachers of this merry band, but it has essential been about a gang of teenagers.

This string of episodes has featured many new characters, as the story effectively follows this year’s students at the college, rather with the original cast on their evolving lives.

Again it has got darker with time, and each group seems to take even more risks as time goes on.

The involvement of any parent has diminished to give the cast a feel of willful abandonment, and a why-should-I-care-if-no-one-else-does attitude.

Of course they take things too seriously, and situations that are relatively minor get amplified, but this is television.

But while dark, it is generally funny, and there have also been some ‘real’ moments of uplift.

The end of the episode that centres around my favourite character – yeah, I have a favourite, see title - JJ, is a great ‘feel good’ moment.

Watching his mother gaze upon her son, who is medicated to help him fit in with the crowd, and to put a lid on his issues, but appears to be fitting in, and doing the things that ‘he should be’ at that age, made me smile.

The thing is these kids are supposed to be 16, a fact, I have only just realised while I read the programme’s website.

I knew they were young, I just never realised how young, and I guess I find the plots and stories interesting as I can, at times, still feel like I have a young mind-set, even if I have no desire to go back to that way of living.

But justifying watching by virtue of my home’s average age, 17-and-a-half, did not fly with my sister.

I think she just believes I am daft, and a little perverted.

Neither of which I can put a great case up against.

Some of my Twitter chums have also been amused by my preference of 10 O’Clock viewing, Twittering me with updates of what is going on over at Question Time, the same time alternative for grown ups.

Tonight it is the season ending episode of Skins, and I hope to have all my jobs done, including a mountain of ironing, before it starts.

I shall miss it.

But the most ridiculous thing is that it will be replaced by a programme I probably will enjoy even more.

A programme even more juvenile.

The Inbetweeners is a comedy based around four sixth-form students, and their ridiculous goings on.

Both vulgar and real immature stuff.

But if the second series is anything near the first, then I will enjoy a weekly chortle at it for a month or so.

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Maternal Tales said...

You're only as old as you feel (or as old as the child you feel). In my case, it's 2 and 4.. Am definitely too old for Dora and Peppa Pig, but sometimes I'm more engrossed than my children. I used to like Beverly Hills 90210 if that's empathetic enough for you. By the way, give up's an unnecessary evil. Just dry your clothes without creases and fold them well.

Kevin Spencer said...

So what channel do you watch that actually plays music videos still? Over here in the US, the only music channel worth watching is VH1 Classic. But then that's only if you're going down nostalgia lane for some 80s fare ;-)

Karen said...

*giggle* We all do sometimes :)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Are those shows British with British humor? Because honestly, sometimes I don't get it! :)

I've never heard of those shows...but I'm all in when it comes to comedy...never can get enough. My husband loves it because I even like watching the MAN SHOW...

Hey, I learn a lot from that show!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

While I haven't watched Skins I do actually enjoy Shameless. I can't help but think it's funny. Sundays are always good with Top Gear (when it's new anyway). Nothing gets me better than a challenge with Hammond and Captain Slow.

Single Parent Dad said...

Maternal Tales - That's being remade isn't it. And how do you get away without ironing, I require more details.

Kevin - 4Music. It's Channel 4's movement into their own permanent music channel. Mostly chart stuff, but yet to be ruined with Pimp my crip, or spoilt 16 etc.

Karen - Glad it isn't just me.

Shelle BlokThoughts - I was amazed that The Office did so well stateside. That is one funny show, but I don't think the shows I am watching at the moment would make such a transition.

Blogging Mama Andrea - I do like Top Gear, sometimes. But I am never sure if I've seen them before.

clairesmom said...

what ever floats your boat at down time - I say!
I'm a hockey fan myself.

Kat said...

I am addicted to FM on iTV and Grey's Anatomy (that is a left over American addiction)

MoaningMum said...

are we Telly-Twins?! I am a thirty-something parental figure and I too must confess my deep ADORATION for both Skins and's shameful I know but I can't help it. If pushed I'd confess that I relate more to the characters in such shows than in the proper 'mums-at-the-school-gate' brigade. My poor children.... :)

Single Parent Dad said...

Clairesmom - The Ice variety I assume. I like watching football, cricket and baseball, but I am not paying for the privilege.

Kat - FM has the guy out of the IT Crowd? I've seen the trailers, but not really got in sync with when it is on.

MoaningMum - It does sound like it.

More than Just a Mother said...

There's absolutely nothing wrong with being a child. Quite often I sit down to watch CBeebies with the kids, only to look up half an hour later to find the children have wandered off to play elsewhere and I'm the only one left looking at the TV...

Tismee2 said...

I like a few of the shows you mentioned, cringe constantly at Shameless but have never seen Skins. There are so many progs on these days that I would need to give up work to watch them all. Our Sky plus is chock a block at the moment - and we have two!

24 and Lost are still my faves though. I never though I'd still get hooked on 24 after 6 series, but there you go.

C.J. Koster said...

I have to download a lot of the TV I watch and if I don't, then I don't watch anything at all. The perks of being thousands of miles away from any kind of 'normal' pop culture.

ric said...
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