Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Killer Conundrum

My son’s, yes, my little boy’s favourite band, The Killers, have been confirmed as headliners for V Festival 2009.

This is the annual August giant pop concert masquerading as a music festival, that I have attended these past two years.

In fact I liked it so much the first time, I built a house near enough to make the site walk-able, and thus the camping side of it redundant.

I still insist I was tricked into going the first time, by a loving sister who thought it would be a good break for me, and it so happened that the favourite band of my youth, were making a comeback appearance.

They are on again this year, presumably still promoting their ‘new’ album, bonus all the same.

There are also some other acts that I would like to see, like Elbow, Keane and The Ting Tings.

Then there is the pervability factor in the luscious shapes of Katy Perry, Lily Allen, Lady GaGa and The Saturdays.

And if I fancy throwing rotten stuff stage-wards there is always Alesha Dixon, that is if she stops moving enough to make it fair.

However it is the headliner I am most interested in. They also appeared at the first festival I went to, but I was less than enamoured with them then.

They were far too cool for me to be interested, and I chose their set to ‘enjoy’ the relative peace and cleanliness of the plastic tardises of filth portaloos.

However their third album, and first two singles from it have got me interested.

Proper sing-a-long-stuff, I have the proof.

I thought it was a fluke, that Max liked ‘Human’ and had learnt the words to the chorus, and much more of them now, but he has also taken to the second single ‘Spaceman’.

In fact, we were singing it this morning on our walk to nursery, and he suggested we try substituting in ‘Astronaut’, as ‘they are spacemen too Daddy’.

So naturally, and due to my consultative approach, when The Killers were reported to be playing this year’s event, I asked my son if he would like to come.

Not a wise move, as it was not really a genuine offer.

I would very much enjoy taking him to an appropriate music festival, but this one really is not a family friendly one, and it would also defeat some of its purpose for me.

It is a real hair down, forget about parenting, weekend. And I really would not want him subject to any of that sort of behaviour.

They would also be last on, way past his bed time, and toddler attention span.

He is not a great fan of loud noise either, so as I stated above, it is not really an option.

Plus, I do not know where he would get £130 from.

But I have moments of that speak-before-you-think-thing, parenting tourettes so to type. And he has since informed my sister he will be seeing The Killers, and I am sure his nursery chums today.

I quickly need to formulate a replacement plan. I am sure that Junior would actually prefer to go do what he did last year, a weekend by the sea with ALL his grandparents, and equally sure that The Killers would not entertain a free and sombre performance in my garden.

As I type this I am thinking a summer party at home, with his favourite music playing, and perhaps even some footage recorded from V, thinking about it, I believe it was televised on 4Music last year.

We could even camp.

Would he realise the difference?

If he has as much to drink as I have had at these festivals in the past, then no chance.



Mel said...

I would say he'll forget about it by then but as he sounds like my own children I doubt it. I think your idea of camping in the garden, music blaring and a BBQ could appease him. I seem to remember promising to take my now 4 year old to some tennis as I have made her watch so much on TV, sure enough we went to the Davis Cup and she spent most of the time asking who we were cheering for. When she was taken to the football she loved the first half and cuddling the mascot then spent the remaining time asking to go home! Result, until she can last for 4 hours no more sport or concerts! Good luck, distractions work!

Liz@Violet Posy said...

For starters Max has great taste in music! If your lucky he'll have forgotten it by the time you go, just don't mention it again. If you feel bad buy him a Killers DVD :)

Canadian Bald Guy said...

This concert looks like it'll be a LOT of fun. It's awesome when your kids can get into some of the same music you're into.

For me, I had to rebel...my parents were listening to country music and I needed to rock out to Poison and KISS and Bon Jovi.

You should have an awesome time. It'd be all about the Killers and the Ting Tings for me.

Not a soccer mom said...

Of course you need some adult 'dad' time. But the backyard party at another time sounds like a splendid idea! And after you put him to bed, you can still have a little ale. He would love that.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

What a fantastic blog you have going here Single Parent Dad!! Your kiddo looks awesome :)
My hunny is from South London and he says to say Cheers!!
We still have one daughter in London and one in Barry, Wales.
Please drop by to visit me at my blog when you have a minute or two to waste :)
You take good care and......

Steady On
Reggie Girl

T said...

What fun!!! I love music festivals and there are so many great acts!!!

I took my oldest to see her favorite performer when she was 6 and she didn't last long at all. I'd definitely skip taking Max but plan the party as you mentioned. He would LOVE it.

Have fun. I'm so jealous!

erin said...

Can I go?

rosiescribble said...

Hiarious! Your son has exactly the same taste in music as you! Or does he????? It may explain why my 5 year old really likes Will Young. I have inflicted him on her poor little ears so now she knows no different!! It has to be done though!

Kat said...

It sounds like you have painted yourself into a bit of a corner there!

Dave said...

I think he'd forget about about it... so the summer party sounds best. But then again, you raise a good point about the perve factor. You've got to go just for that!

Single Parent Dad said...

Mel - I am not sure he'll forget and I shall also be telling him where I am going. But, like you, I think my replacement idea will win favour.

Liz - DVD? I shall be recording the actual festival performance on E4 (The home of Skins ;-).

Canadian Bald Guy - It has been in the past, and I hope this year to be no different. I went to see KISS in Finsbury Park, London. But, I was tricked into that one too, I thought I was going to see Skunk Anansie.

Not a soccer mom - What me having a little ale? ;-). I am sure he would quite fancy a sip himself!

Midlife - Thank you. Rock on.

T - I agree. And what you doing in August?

Erin - To which?

Rosie - He does. But doesn't get much choice. Will Young infliction, oh dear, does she have the number for childline?

Kat - I am good at that.

Dave - Shhh. I was trying to hide that amongst my vast appreciation of live music.

Bee and Rose said...

Love The Killers:) My son (12) actually bought tickets for us to go see MUSE. How darn sweet is that?

Love the idea of an at home music festival! We did this when my son was into the Gorillaz. We rented the Gorillaz concert dvd, played some of the cds, etc. I even bought a couple of "concert items" like a Gorillaz t-shirt, cap, cds, stickers, etc. We set up concessions for nachos, popcorn, etc. It was so much fun that we do this at least once a year with a band that he likes. Now we throw in a little Guitar Hero / Rock Band action too!

Mama Nabi said...

Hm... would he mind a substitute band? Or if they are playing an earlier set, would he mind having the babysitter take him home after watching them with you...?

It does sound like fun. And, I think he might be upset about it initially but hopefully you can make a counteroffer that would make up for it. Besides, I do think you need to get out and let your hair down.

Krystal said...

I like the badkyard party idea tons! Just found my way here from another blog and will say that I am enjoying what I am reading!

Tismee2 said...

Since I can't go to the V Festival, could I have an invitation to the garden party instead?

If you don't mention it again, he'll forget. Probably.

Penelope said...

I feel old.
Yes I know...I AM old!
You could swap and take MY kids? ;o)

MindyMom said...

"Parenting Tourettes". Too funny!

Enjoy the Killers this summer sans the kiddo! He'll forget about it soon I'm sure - just don't bring it up again.

Roads said...

Woah, Ian -- The Killers. Yes!

And guess who's got tickets to Snow Patrol at the O2 later this month?

Yep, that's right. Two very excited teenagers. And one slightly older one as well...

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