Thursday, 5 March 2009

Probably For The Last Time

I, as much as most, know that everything you do could very well turn out to be the last time you do it.

However, I am also realistic and optimistic enough to not let thoughts like that occupy my gray matter.

Since I became a widower, and a single parent, I have enjoyed gallivanting with my son and inspiration.

Usually this has been locally.

Play groups, music sessions, swimming, soft play, library story time, parks, farms, monkey forests, adventure centres, museums, rivers, canals, lakes, trains and planes.

To mention but a lot.

Then occasionally we trek further afield. Exploiting the hospitality of those we know around the country.

We have friends in the North, and some in the South.

A few of which, reside in our nation’s capital.

I am not a huge fan of prolonged stays in London, but I do enjoy popping in, and probably more so, fleeing out.

It is something we used to do regularly as a married couple, and would go through very similar sets of emotions.

Excitement > Enjoyment > Frustration and, finally, relief.

Some of my late wife’s best friends had, and still do have, homes in the big smoke. All of which I am still in contact with.

These friends quickly became more than just acquaintances for me, and since her death they have even increased in value.

There is a blurred line of when these people became my friends too, but the proof of the matter is we are heading down to stay with one of Samantha’s longest standing and closest friends this weekend.

This is a trip me and the boy have done before. We have headed down there after nursery finishes on a Thursday and then been able to take advantage of the relative quiet of Friday to visit the more popular attractions.
The rest of the weekend is then spent catching up, and visiting places, people and events that do not usually have an enormous baying flock.

We are doing the same this week, and I have realised this is most likely for the last time before school goes full blown in September.

I am hopeful that we shall still be making visits post September but acknowledge that they will normally be limited to weekends and school holidays, and thus at the busiest times.

Does not mean they will not be great, read how much fun Kat & Co had recently, but I am not going to enjoy fighting the crowds to get a butchers at the dinosaurs and to perform the experiments that I expect to enjoy with relative ease in the next 24 hours.

So perhaps this time, the normal relief I feel on the journey back home with be tarnished with a little sorrow.

Whatever I feel, it will still be worth it, and great times are still ahead, regardless of how they differ from today's norm. Share/Save/Bookmark


Julia Rizzolo Blackman, said...

My eldest one is also starting the 'big' school in September and we're planning for the last time in many years to come, a trip to see the other side of the family in Brazil. Also, for the last time in many years we'll pay normal price fare, as opposed to 'holidays fare'.
The end of an era I suppose, till they leave home.
Enjoy the last few months!


rosiescribble said...

I lived in the south for 13 years and really enjoyed going to London although it is much harder work now with a 5 year old. We recently went in the summer hoildays, it was busy but buzzing so still enjoyable. So there's no reason you can return once your son is in full-time school.

My daughter has been in full-time school for a year now. We enjoy the time apart from each other although the first term was incredibly tough. Make sure you have lots planned to take your mind off it.

Enjoy your trip!

Penelope said...

Ahh the joys of trying to fit everything in around school time! I remember taking my kids to the beach where we lived during term time and having the place to ourselves then turning up during the holidays and not being able to find a sqaure foot to sit in. Ugh!
Have a great weekend in the Big Smoke :o)

Dave said...

When I went back to the UK in 2004 I revisited all my favourite tourist places. Have you been to the transport museum in Covent Garden? It's better than it sounds :) and I imagine your son would like it. Also, take a look at You can go on short walking tours in London on a multitude of topics. They are great. The website has a Kids Walks section as well as a general section. The tours generally cost around ten quid and often kids are free. Have fun!

Tismee2 said...

Keep talking about london and I will eventually get around to taking mine there.

Hope it warms up a bit though!

Kat said...

Have fun down in London! Avoid Burger King.

Bee and Rose said...

Someday we will travel across the pond to London. One of the beauties of homeschooling is that we can travel at our leisure (and learn a bit in the process!)

I used to pretend my dolls were from London when I was a little girl! I would do the accent (very poorly, I might!) and serve tea...etc..) We have been perusing travel brochures and such..maybe soon! Got my fingers crossed!

Zoeyjane said...

So, then, what's the time difference like? I mean, yes, it would be a horrendously long day, but maybe with the addition of a nap along the way, you might still have the option of the Thursday journey?

Maybe I'm being naive, by wondering that...

Momo Fali said...

I'm wishing you a lovely time and small crowds. Be safe.

Bush Mummy said...

Hi SPD I hope you are both enjoying your weekend in the smoke. If you are anywhere near us you've probably had bright sunshine all morning and it's now pouring with rain. Hey Ho.

If you haven't already, make sure you go to the Science Museum.. up there as one of the best for kids in London.. particularly the basement bit - can't remember what it's called.

It's not so bad once you are into school termtimes/weekends. You just learn the cheeky tricks like get everywhere as soon as it opens on a Sat morning and it should be still empty. We go to the museums dot on ten o'clock and are out of there just as they start filling up at 12ish..


BM x

Single Parent Dad said...

Julia - I will do. And enjoy the non holiday flight prices, while they last.

Rosie - Thanks for the insight, one year ahead. And I will take heed.

Penelope - We did, and I know what you mean.

Dave - We haven't done to the transport museum in London, but have been to the big one in Coventry. Will have to bookmark that site for next time.

Tismee - I will.

Kat - I did.

Bee and Rose - One day, one day.

Zoeyjane - But then I would have to have a parent enforced absence on Friday.

Momofali - Thank you.

Bush Mummy - We did enjoy the sun, and get rained on later. The water garden bit and the launch pad at the science museum are brilliant. And thank you for your advice, I think that will work well.

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