Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Hangover Detectors

My child seems to have one of these built in.

It is not an upgrade I ordered, and it is one I could well do without.

On Saturday, we went our separate ways as I went Ape, and he went off with his grandparents, my folks.

It was a friend’s birthday, and in my wisdom I had offered to provide temporary accommodation, and sustenance, for 12 guests. Yes, I really am that daft nice.

The boy went off without trouble, after we had enjoyed the company of our best friends overnight on Friday.

I prepared the chicken casserole, and got the house into a more suitable dormitory format.

Then went off to enjoy jumping, swinging and sliding between trees, check me out here, but more funnily check out a classy zip wire dismount by my ever-so-elegant sister.

We had a fantastic time, and my stew and crusty bread was just about the perfect comfort food after a surprisingly exhaustive clamber through the trees of Cannock Chase.

Sadly I have yet to learn that I am now completely rubbish at consuming alcoholic beverages, well, consumption is not so much a problem, as dealing with the aftermath is.

The drinking started in the comfort of my home, and after we had watched the sun set, and a few others had joined us, we had a little wander to our local pub, giving the immediate economy a decent bonus for an hour or two.

There was more supping on our return, and after around only six or seven hours in bed, I woke feeling a little nauseous, but in time to watch the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Damp squib that was.

I had the morning to relax, during which we had an ongoing debrief with my various house guests as and when they surfaced from the four corners of my proving flexible abode.

In between I trotted around the house at my leisure, cleaning a bit, and guiding others that had been generous enough to provide a hand.

Eventually I was left alone for an hour or so, in which time my drinking damage symptoms seemed to take over, I contemplated taking to my bed for a bit, but ultimately thought that I would be better just going to bed early, rather than attempting to catch 60 minutes in the middle of the day.

I even managed to reacquaint myself with my returning phone, and upload a few movies to Vimeo.

Junior came bounding back, full of his own adventures, and things to show and share with me. I had also forgotten that I had asked my folks to pick up some petrol for my lawn mower, so I could give my garden a much needed spruce.

Now, I would say the majority of the time, when in the company of close relatives my son enjoys their company, to the point that he sometimes even asks me to leave.

However, when I have drink-related-body-recovery-disorder my stock shoots, and no-one else will do.

Plus he also whines for activities not normally conducive with the aforementioned crippling condition.

Thus cue lots of requests to bounce on the trampoline, and lots of equal-and-opposite suggestions of more tranquil activities.

The compromise was the pre-arranged gardening, and after a false start - my son actually cried when I went to fetch the lawn-mower, that is as much as he desired my company - we filled the afternoon with outdoor maintenance.

Now I know, he may have been feeling a little anxiety, as we were parted for the evening before, but it is never normally an issue.

Still, I was able to comfort him, and also get out of dragging the heavy-grass-cutter over the difficult gravel at the side of my house, quality silver-lining son.

And I was finding if I was doing stuff, I actually forgot how rough I was feeling, when I sat still for any amount of time I started to suffer again, so the not-to-strenuous was good, and it also kept us of the trampoline.

Max was very helpful, as he was delightful.

He watered our potatoes and strawberries.

He helped make a minor amendment to his climbing frame.

And I am sure his cuteness helped in my coaxing of the neighbour to give our drive hedge a nip-and-tuck.

So, actually, when I typed I did not need his hangover detection, it turns out……..

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The Dotterel said...

I'd re-install v.1.2 while you still can. Otherwise it'll go from hangover detenction to 'tut' mode plus eye-rolling and indulgent sighing before you know it!

SciFi Dad said...

One day, when I have more time, I'm going to translate your posts into English so that everyone can enjoy them.

I think there was something in there about planting a spruce tree with a vaseline lawn mower... right?

Avitable said...

I love that your sister used her head as a brake.

Smitten by Britain said...

Uh, the hand on the hip kills me. Serious business that.
So yesterday Oprah did a show on Motherhood and how mothers are so hard on themselves, have high expectations of what mothering means and demand perfection in everything they do. In short, they're miserable. I was going to ask you if you suffer from the same, considering your obviously different point of view, but I can see already that things are slightly more relaxed. :)

More than Just a Mother said...

Ooh, I've heard such great things about Go Ape - now I reeeeeeeeeally want to go!

Tismee2 said...

Yeah, there is some genetic trigger that goes off just when you need a break or when something really important happens. Like a phone call from someone you have waited for all day, and they choose that time to spill or break something or throw up or even worse. It's the same thing that makes someone ring your doorbell at that time too.

Funny eh?

Kevin Spencer said...

Dealing with the aftermath of those nights out is becoming increasingly more difficult as every year passes. Maybe at 35 I've reached the point where it's finally time to admit I'm not 19 anymore.

MindyMom said...

Hey, you were lucky. I've been woken up by a needy 3 yr old after only a few hours of sleep after a big night out. Even when my older kids are around it's no fun. Hangovers as a single mom are few and far between because there is no sleeping it off.

Single Parent Dad said...

The Dotterel - You are right you know, have you got the latest download?

SciFi Dad - You got it.

Avitable - Believe me, that it is all it is good for.

Smitten by Britain - Funny isn't it? I have high expectations and standards, but don't get bummed out or focused on what I had done badly.

More than Just a Mother - It is good.

Tismee - Funny haha? No. Funny strange and irritating? Yes.

Kevin Spencer - I'm with you, if realising it a few years before.

MindyMom - Been there too, not fun.

Maddy said...

Yup it's true to say that the devil drink and child care are mutually exclusive pastimes.

Captain Dumbass said...

Damp squib?

cartside said...

Chuckle. I don't think I've had a hangover in how many years? Nevermind. I'm sure my little one would put on an extra loud all day whine if I did have one though.
By the way, gave you a fabulous blog award over on mummydothat.blogspot.com.

Karen said...

Yeah, I am happy for the age of wanting to make her own breakfast so now my oldest can make cereal for her and her sis and I can down some tylenol in hopes of the hangover lessening.

raino said...

i recall those days clearly. hardly ever do it anymore though and do not miss it one bit. glad you had a chance to get ripped though.

Susan said...

Oh, my. It's crazy how universal (and universally aggravating) that young kids have that hangover detector/magnet built in.

It's like a cat that only wants to rub up against the only cat-fearer/hater in the room.

But I love my kids. I really do.

LyN said...

oh my. this post brings to mind one of my one-too-common-these-days Vodka Nights, when my dear friends kept my cup full of Vodka and OJ all night long, and the band was great, and i danced to the max in my highest heels, and went to bed without even taking off my clothes or makeup....
yes, one of THOSE nights. dirty and grungey. totally not considering the Consequences
like the SLAMMING headache i awoke to a few short hours later...
and how the smell of my sweet baby's poo at 7 AM sent me running to the toilet to throw up...
and how in between my awful hangover and my son's crying i almost passed out, and vowed, kneeling before porcelain, NEVER to drink (like that) again.
oh my.

LyN said...

i meant "NONE-too common" ha!!

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