Thursday, 23 April 2009

St George's Day Gaffe

It is St George’s Day here in England, Blighty, the home of the dragon slayers.

This has very much been a passive day up till now, one of little national recognition, no national holiday, no significant coverage of commemorative activities, that sort of thing.

There has been a growing voice of discontent with this, but I think we have not really thought it through, and the way we celebrate, or do not celebrate St George’s Day, is typically English.

And, as such, is brilliantly apt.

Understated, unbrash, non-garish, and with all the hallmarks of our wonderful stiff-upper-lip-get-on-with-it attitude.

Tis us.

And in cases where local councils and towns, have tried to encourage more spirit and celebration of this day, some have been marred by right wing extremists, which then gets fantastic coverage, as the media feasts, and makes merry with its apparent glut of misery and hatred.

That just highlights two things of society here that I strongly feel we should NOT be proud of.

That all typed I think it is nice for children to learn about St George, and in our particular case, I am pretty sure he will enjoy worship status from my son, after all he is a dragon slayer.

He would slice Ben 10’s head straight off, no bother.

To that end, it was nice to see that the nursery was decked out with St George Cross bunting, and looked set to use it for the day’s theme. Mind, I hope they do not come home with swords or jousting wotsits.

Sadly, the bunting also triggered my foot-in-mouth tourettes.

The door to the nursery opened, and one of the nursery staff came out to welcome today’s clients up the stairs, and without engaging brain, establishing if I had a good enough relationship with this particular carer to make a joke, I said;

“Oh, you’ve obviously come as the dragon.”


I thought it funny, as did some of the other parents, totally over the kids heads, my humour is obviously advancing.

This particular nursery worker was less enamoured with my quip, or was at least pretending to be unimpressed with it.

However I won her round by pointing out it was better than me suggesting that she had come as St George himself.

He has a beard, right?

Anyway, she will have to get used to it, as I am sure there is no cure for my condition.

Nor would I take it if there were.

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The Dotterel said...

And I thought you'd found the saint's long-lost abode...

Robert said...

Some people even believe that St George and his slain dragon never existed. Would you believe it!!!

A Modern Mother said...

Happy St. George Day!

Bee and Rose said...

We did a little St. George celebrating over here yesterday (early, I know, but we have a field trip today..) My kids loved it! Catherine (6) dressed up in her princess gown and determined her tween age brother was a dragon. She grabbed a sword and tortured him relentlessly throughout the day. It was!

I think you are hilarious..."oh, you've obviously come as the dragon.." Woopsy is right! I love it! I would find that completely enjoyable if I were that caregiver!

Not a soccer mom said...

You make me chuckle. I too have a mouth which works in a speed faster than my brain in search of humor. I agree no cure.

Happy St.George- Although I have 80% English blood, am not from England so I dont know the history.
Funny though, my parents live about 3 hours from me in a town of 'St. George'.

Nota Bene said...

Here in Bermondsey, there's more than a few flags waving. Hopefully the nursery worker won't be breathing fire over the children...

Tara@Sticky Fingers said...

My son and I talked about st George on the way to school this morning and he was all 'could he beat Yoda' and 'could he beat Luke?' (he's kinda over Ben 10 now!). He was really quite excited about the whole notion of celebrating being English etc.
So I picked him up from school and said 'did you talk about St George today?'
Didn't get mentioned. Not a sausage. Talked about electricity instead.
Bit sad I thought.

Kevin Spencer said...

When I still lived in England (bugger, back in 1995), St George's day was a total non-event. Someone would say "today's St George's day" and I'd be like "oh right" and then just get on with the day.

Yummy Mammy said...

I tried to convince my boss that I was entitled to the day off work given that I am actually English and I get Paddy's day off work for living in Ireland so the same should apply. I've worked all day :-(

But on a good note, I've tagged you and now you're it

Kat said...

Well if it makes you feel better, I thought it was funny.

Single Parent Dad said...

The Dotterel - Very good.

Robert - We can't have that.

A Modern Mother - Thank you.

Bee and Rose - She got the humour in the end.

Not a soccer mom - I am glad I do.

Nota Bene - No, just me.

Tara - Bit sad is right, electricity? Nice.

Kevin Spencer - Exactly, the proper English way.

Yummy Mammy - Golly, I'm tagged. Will be over, but don't hold your breath, my record in following memes is poor.

Kat - It does. Thank you.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hee hee, that's only not funny if she actually does look like a dragon. Is she red faced, winged and pointy tailed? If not you'll be ok.

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